Crown Creates Excitement for New Lubricant Range from Wera Tools

Packaging Duplicates Shape of Successful Kraftform® Screwdriver

Philadelphia, PA - September 18, 2007. CROWN Aerosols Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) (, announces that Wera Tools, the global hand tool specialist, has launched its Kraftform Fluid range of lubricants and protectants in innovative, easy-to-grip shaped packaging. To generate excitement at point of purchase and leverage brand equity, the distinctive package mimics the appearance of Wera's highly successful Kraftform® screwdriver handle. The Kraftform Fluid line, consisting of products such as High Tech Screw Releaser and High Tech Stainless Steel Protector, will be displayed alongside Wera screwdrivers at retail outlets.

This high-impact package is manufactured using Crown's proprietary blowforming process, which maximizes container integrity and product protection.

The 400ml packages are topped off with a plastic cap designed to resemble the tip of a screwdriver. This element was included to clearly convey the purpose of the product to consumers, even if they are unfamiliar with Wera and its Kraftform® products. The gentle contours of the container facilitate product dispensing and color-blocked panels allow for easier gripping.

"Even the best tools are useless when it comes to corroded or unmovable screws," explains Detlef Seyfarth, Marketing Director at Wera. "In addition to the loss of valuable time, there's the risk of broken screwdriver blades, torn-off screw heads, damaged projects and even injury. We determined there was a real need in the market for lubricants that could ease these problems. The result is our Kraftform Fluid brand, which is specifically formulated to release screws that are too tight and protect screw joints from corrosion and extreme temperatures."

This high-impact package is manufactured using Crown's proprietary blowforming process, which maximizes container integrity and product protection. The process begins by placing preforms into precision-engineered molds. High pressure air causes the steel to expand and take the shape of the mold. No tooling or liquid is used inside the container, preventing damage to internal coatings. Unlike other shaping techniques, such as mechanical expansion and water jet forming, blowforming also maintains a better surface finish and glossiness of the final package.

"Package design is an increasingly important way for brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace," continues Seyfarth. "It was essential that the Kraftform Fluid range have an individual and remarkable face to entice consumers and offer a level of convenience. Crown was the best partner for us to collaborate with to achieve our goal, thanks to the company's unique approach to innovation, design and technical expertise."

The Kraftform Fluid range will debut in targeted retail channels in Germany in September. Wera plans to launch the line in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia in October. Further rollout across Europe is planned through the end of 2007.

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