Crown City Plating Company Solves Flow Measurement Problem with Signet Insertion Magmeter

TUSTIN, Calif. - Nov. 3, 2005 - Crown City Plating Co., El Monte, California, manufactures electroless and electroplate on metal and plastic, injection molding, painting, decorating, and subassembly. Using George Fischer's new Signet 2551 Insertion Magmeter, Crown City Plating was able to solve its continual flow measurement problem.

The problem application was in the chrome effluent neutralization waste line. Chrome must be neutralized with various reagents before discharging to the city sewers. The flow measurement in the neutralization process dictates the proper amount of neutralizing reagents to be injected; using more chemicals than required would cost the company excess in neutralizing chemicals and sewage discharge fees.

The flow measuring device that had been used in this application was the Signet Model 2536 paddlewheel sensor. The paddlewheel sensor was being cleaned weekly because it was getting clogged with metal shavings and coated from the process liquid. The 2536 output would initially be okay after each cleaning, but would soon become sluggish and output erroneous readings within a week. The maintenance time to shut the line down, pull the sensor out of the line, clean the sensor, and re-install was approximately 30 minutes per week.

To solve the issue of the continuously dirty paddlewheel, the new Signet Model 2551 magmeter was simple and easy because it installed directly into the existing paddlewheel fitting. The 2551 performed exceptionally well and was not cleaned for at least one month. After one month, the sensor was removed and a coating could be seen on the metal electrodes, grounding ring, and plastic body. Once the sensor was cleaned, it was reinstalled and continued with excellent performance. Crown City Plating was very pleased with the 2551 because it reduced maintenance time and costs.

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