Crimping Machine can process variety of terminals.

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Used in standard, automatic, and semi-automatic crimping presses with 1.57 in. stroke, FlexoCrimper features quick-change cassette system, which facilitates frequent changing of crimp applicators for processing different terminals. Transport system positions terminals for consistent crimp quality and eliminates force variations due to terminal position changes. Universal transversal applicator, left side feed, crimps wires from 32-10 AWG or up to 8 AWG depending on contact material.

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New FlexoCrimper by Schleuniger : More than Just a Crimp Applicator

Flexibility and high quality output are key in today's demanding production environments. When it comes to crimping, this means frequently changing crimp applicators for processing of different terminals. Schleuniger's FlexoCrimper with its innovative quick-change cassette system reduces total investment and change-over times usually associated with such production requirements.

The FlexoCrimper is a universal transversal applicator (left side feed) for crimping wires from 32 - 10 AWG (0.03 mm2 up to 6 mm2), or up to 8 AWG (10 mm2) depending on the contact material. A unique cassette system allows processing of different terminal types on the same applicator by simply exchanging two cassettes that contain all terminal-specific parts such as crimp dies and anvil. Exchanging cassettes is done in a matter of seconds and without any tools.

A Different Approach to Production
Using the FlexoCrimper opens possibilities for pursuing a different production strategy. Similar terminal types can be processed without even removing the FlexoCrimper from the crimping press and the quick-change cassettes are prepared offline while the applicator is still in production for another terminal. Once the production run for one terminal is completed, the cassettes are exchanged within seconds and the next terminal can be processed. Not only does the productivity increase by reducing downtime of the crimping press, the total investment in applicators is reduced. Although a single FlexoCrimper may be more expensive than other applicators on the market, the total investment needed to process several terminals paints a different picture. According to Schleuniger, one FlexoCrimper including a number of quick-change cassettes will require a lower total investment than several individual applicators. As long as the price for a quick-change cassette set is lower than the price for a dedicated "low-cost" applicator, the calculation will always be in favour of the FlexoCrimper.

Unmatched High Quality Output Even with the Shortest Press Cycle Times
The benefits of using a FlexoCrimper do not stop with reducing total investment and increasing productivity. The feeding and guiding mechanisms are extremely smooth to eliminate forces from the applicator that crimp force monitoring might otherwise show - allowing for lower tolerances to be set. The unique FlexoCrimper transport system positions terminals with highest precision for consistent crimp quality and eliminates force variations due to terminal position changes. It can also be adjusted to different terminal strip pitches without requiring any terminal-specific parts.

User-Friendly and Flexible
The FlexoCrimper can be used in standard, automatic and semi-automatic crimping presses with 1.57" (40 mm) stroke. Adjustments of insulation crimp height, wire crimp height, or bell-mouth can be done without any tools and with the applicator in the press. Although initially designed for high-speed & high quality crimping in fully automatic crimping machines, the FlexoCrimper is also an option worth while considering for bench top crimping machines.

For additional information about the StripCrimp 200, please visit or contact Christine Wheeler, Marketing Manager at [email protected].

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