Cresco Concrete Products Introduces a Superior Alternative to Painting and Staining Concrete Surfaces

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC, introduces the Premocoat™ product line featuring Microrender.  Premocoat™ Microrender is a Portland cement based coating specifically designed to finish masonry surfaces.  Microrender is available as a fine dry powder in gray, white or a specified color.  Only water needs to be added before application by spray, brush or roller. A single coating simulates a semi-transparent stain while two coats gives a more opaque paint-like appearance.  The coverage area is about 2,000 sq ft (single coat) per 25 lb pail and costs are no higher than paint.  Other benefits of the product include low VOC outgassing, better UV resistance and better color fastness with the inorganic pigments used in the colored product.  If applied to incompletely cured concrete substrates Microrender will cure along with the concrete resulting in a stronger bond and better durability.  According to Peter Thompson, Technical Advisor for Cresco, “it can be sprayed on without a primer and cures to a consistent durable finish for less than the cost of paint.”

Premocoat™ Base is a single component, polymer modified, thin two-coat stucco.  It can be used for finishing walls, leveling uneven substrates and repairing concrete surfaces.  The high polymer content gives it excellent adhesion, great crack bridging properties, high hardness and outstanding moisture resistance resulting in a render more long lasting than others on the market.  It is available in a gray or white base powder with the option to add color.

Premocoat™ SBC is a unique polymer modified, fiber reinforced, single component, surface bonding cement.  It meets ASTM C926 requirements for stucco and can be applied up to 5/8” thick to masonry surfaces.  It will act not only to finish a wall but will also add significantly to its structural rigidity.  SBC can be used to surface bond dry stacked CMU blocks eliminating the need for mortar between blocks.  The polymer content of Premocoat™ SBC gives it better strength and moisture resistance than competing products.  SBC can also be used for decorative stampable overlays.

Premocoat™ EIFS Finish is designed to provide a fine troweled finish to Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).  It is a cement based, polymer modified single component powder available in gray, white or color.  It is more economical that similar products in the marketplace.

Premocoat™ Bonder is used as an adhesion promoter for cement based coatings and an admixture to enhance UV and moisture resistance.

Premocoat™ Sealer is a clear acrylic sealer used to enhance the moisture resistance of finished cementitious surfaces or for making colored surfaces more vibrant and glossy.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC manufacturers its products in Houston, Texas and ships nationwide.  The company’s products include the revolutionary Liteblok™ dry stacked, interlocking green building block, Litecast™ and Premocrete™ precast concrete fencing, lightweight air conditioner pads, lightweight pier and wall caps and fastening systems.  Cresco also offers cast stone products including accent blocks, address blocks, balustrades, bollards, columns, crown molding, entry ways, fireplaces, keystones, mantels, planters, pool coping, signs, window surrounds and windowsills.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the company or visiting its website at

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