Creform Features New Products at ProMat 2011

At ProMat 2010, Creform® Corporation (Booth #4814) will feature several unique product groups...a new BST AGV Tugger, Creform's exclusive 42mm pipe and joint system for heavy-duty applications and the Placon® Roller Conveyor System. The new CA-A50060-NSB AGV drives under a stationary cart equipped with a BST hitch, extends a tow pin to engage the cart and moves it to a predetermined location. It features new safety features, new programming options and operational features.

The unique Creform 42mm pipe and joint system is used to create heavy-duty structures without the need for excessive bracing. Ideally suited for assembly and finishing operations where the size and weight of the parts dictates that workstations with powered height adjustment capabilities, flow racks and carts have the ability to support them.

Creform's new Placon Roller Conveyors provide stability and smooth material handling flow thanks to their superior construction and wide plastic wheels which come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the broadest range of applications. Placon conveyors are especially effective with difficult material handling challenges such as totes with soft bottoms or open cell designs because their 3 inch wide rollers provide the extra support necessary to handle these flow rack challenges and ensure smooth product or box transfer

In addition to the these three product groups, Creform will also present concepts and designs for many material handling structures, including workstations, push carts, flow racks, and work tables, all designed to support continuous improvement and lean programs.

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