Crane Plastics Responds to Customers' Call for Green Products

Crane Plastics is pleased to announce that it will be converting three of its extrusion lines to 100% regrind consumption by the end of March. As Crane's customers develop more Green applications, Crane has responded by setting up a cell in its Columbus plant devoted to producing extrusions from 100% recycled materials. This material comes from a variety of post consumer and post industrial sources and is converted in a wide variety of ways. Crane Plastics is able to take this regrind material and create their customers' products using foaming as well as capping technology. Using foaming as well as capping technology, Crane is utilizing these recycled materials to create a variety of customer products. The use of these materials is resulting in lower costs for customers and less material sent to landfills.

The advancements made in the use of regrind as a raw material have allowed Crane Plastics to better serve the needs of customers in several markets including building products, transportation and agriculture, both here in the United States and in Europe. Use of these materials has historically been driven by lowering costs but in today's markets it is equally driven by corporate sustainability efforts and a desire to lessen dependence on virgin materials.

Engineered Profiles dba Crane Plastics is a plastic extrusion manufacturer based in Columbus, Ohio. A recognized leader in the plastics industry, Crane has developed many of the innovations that are now standard practice for other extrusion operations. Crane Plastics has been filling the needs of original equipment manufacturers for 65+ years. For more information contact Erik Tait, Marketing Coordinator.

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