Crane Monitoring Using a Universal Datalogger

Delphin Data Logger for Fault Detection


Crane monitoring:

Crane operators often only learn of machine damage when a motor or drive suddenly fails—a costly way to deal with a problem! To ensure early fault diagnosis, a universal Delphin data logger can continually monitor the crane's load cell and also perform remote monitoring and alarming in the event of developing machine failures. Meanwhile users can view the data from a remote office PC in the form of trend diagrams—all with a single Delphin system.

Application features:

Synchronous acquisition of high-speed analog and digital signals

  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnostics within a single device

  • No requirement for an on-site PC, with easy data read-outs using a USB stick

  • Data transmission options via WLAN, UMTS or network routers.

Continual Machine Monitoring:

Cranes are complex systems made up of many different component types. They need to be continuously available, to have low operating costs, and high productivity. Therefore cranes justify the use of a continual monitoring system that uses Delphin LogMessage or Delphin ProfiMessage data acquisition systems.

Delphin systems ensure continuous monitoring for machine wear and tear as well as detailed analysis in the event of a fault. Digital and analog signals can be acquired and recorded independently within the Message device.

Using a universal datalogger, operators get instant indication of issues rather than having to stop operation due to an expensive failure. Instances of drive engine failures and other equipment problems often decrease due to faster response times to developing issues. For example crane operators can be out to lunch and still receive an alarm showing when a motor is suddenly failing. Users are only notified on an alarm event, so they only have to review the data when it matters.

The data logger can be installed in a control cabinet on the crane's bridge, supporting a wide range of analog sensor types including load pins, load cells, pressure transducers, overload safety plates, torque sensors, and more. Load cell monitoring can be performed at high accuracy from a load senor on the crane hoist, connected to one of the logger's analog inputs.

Remote Monitoring Capability:

A partitionable data memory enables differentiated storage of fault data, including pre- and post- histories as well as long term data for condition monitoring. The crane data can be accessed via UMTS, WLAN or a USB stick and evaluated using the powerful Delphin ProfiSignal software.

Cost-Effective Measurement Device:

Summed up, the intelligent data logger's many versatile features enable continual machine monitoring, alarming through fault lights and emails, communication with PCs for remote monitoring, and trend displays using the software.

Using trends of the crane's data, operators can keep tabs on all equipment status, using the logger's communication ports to view crane diagnostics from a remote office PC over Ethernet or remotely via Internet.

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