Couplings use VICTREX® PEEK critical spring element.

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ChemQuik® CQV06 PVDF and CQH06 polypropylene Series quick disconnect couplings use chemical-resistant polyaryletherketone for critical spring element. All-plastic couplings provide metal-free flow path and instant shutoff at disconnection in high-purity fluid handling applications. Series utilizes identical in-line valves, located in both halves of coupling, and makes instant line disconnects and reconnects possible. Thumb latch enables one-handed operation.

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High-Purity Quick Disconnect Couplings Use VICTREX® PEEK for Critical Spring Element

Greenville, SC (December 2, 2004) When Colder Products of St. Paul, MN, wanted a material for the springs in its new ChemQuik® CQV06 PVDF and CQH06 polypropylene Series quick disconnect couplings, it chose VICTREX PEEK, a high performance polyaryletherketone, for its purity, strength and superior chemical resistance. The all-plastic couplings are designed specifically for high-purity fluid handling applications, providing a completely metal-free flow path and instant shutoff at disconnection.

According to Tom Braun, Business Manager, Chemical & Packing Products for Colder Products, "The VICTREX PEEK spring is a critical element of the coupling. Identical in-line valves located in both halves of the coupling are energized by the VICTREX PEEK spring whose purpose is to move the shutoff valve into the closed position. For example, when the couplings are connected, the valve on the one side pushes open the valve on the other side. Likewise, when the coupling is disconnected, the springs in each half of the coupling close the valves."

Approximately 98% of Colder's quick disconnects for plastic tubing use standard metal springs. "However," explains Braun, "For semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other critical chemical fluid applications, a metal spring is not an option. Metal can contaminate the chemicals in the working fluid. We use VICTREX PEEK for our ChemQuik series because it is a high-purity plastic with extremely low levels of metallic ions. It gives us the strength and force of metal while providing resistance to the broadest range of chemicals. We also use VICTREX PEEK for the push button thumb latch on the coupling which makes for easy one-hand operation and results in an all-plastic coupling that contains no metal whatsoever!"

The ChemQuik high-purity couplings can dramatically reduce installation and service times of aggressive fluid lines, making instant line disconnects and reconnects possible explains Braun. "Servicing pumps or a piece of equipment is a major process when you don't have a quick disconnect coupling," he says, "For example, you have to drain the system, flush the system, re-flush, and dry it before you can safely take the line apart. With ChemQuik disconnect couplings you can do it in one second and you don't have to worry about re-priming the line. Most important of all, you don't have to worry about spilling hazardous chemicals."

One of Colder Products' major clients is SCP Global Technologies of Boise Idaho. According to Rod Fladwood, Senior Mechanical Designer at SCP, "When I decided that a quick disconnect coupling was the component I needed for my project I contacted Colder Products. At that time they did not have a product that would meet my requirements. Through working with their Engineering group they developed the ChemQuik® line of high purity couplings using the correct materials and processing criteria for my application. The Reliability group here at SCP Global Technologies tested ChemQuik® couplings through tens of thousands of cycles with excellent results. At the conclusion of our testing the Component Reliability and Testing group highly recommended the use of this product. We have since integrated the ChemQuik® couplings into our wet benches and have experienced excellent results with zero incoming inspection defects in over six years of using these products."

VICTREX USA Inc., a division of Victrex plc., is the sole manufacturer and supplier of PEEK polymer worldwide. For more information on the properties and performance advantages of VICTREX PEEK, please call (800) VICTREX or visit the Victrex website at

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