Couplings suit power transmission applications.

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RING-flex® flexible disc couplings are available in single or double and close-coupled flexing designs for torques up to 500,000 lb-ft and shafts up to 11 in. in diameter. Maintenance-free products do not require lubrication, are torsionally rigid, and operate without wear in high-temperature environments. Available in 4, 6, and 8-bolt designs with standard bore and key, they feature Shrink Disc® and Ringfeder® keyless locking device system.

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RING-flex® Offers Greater Flexibility for Connection Applications

Westwood, New Jersey- Ringfeder Corporation offers a full line of high quality RING-flex® flexible disc couplings to satisfy a wide range of power transmission applications. RING-flex® couplings are available in single or double and close-coupled flexing designs for torques up to 500,000 lb-ft and shafts up to 11" in diameter. They are completely maintenance free. No lubrication is required. These long-lasting, torsionally rigid disc couplings operate without wear in high temperature environments.

RING-flex® disc couplings are available in four, six, and eight-bolt designs to accommodate a wide variety of connections in the transmissions of pumps, conveyors, printing presses, fans and generators, or anywhere else a backlash-free connection is required. All RING-flex® designs are available with standard bore and key. The four-bolt disc design provides good flexibility and is used at low to medium speeds. The six and eight- bolt disc designs are ideal for higher speed applications. The laminated disc pack design for the six and eight-bolt couplings are for applications where higher misalignment and torque capacities are required. The disc packs were developed through Finite Element Analysis to maximize the allowable misalignment and disc pack longevity without losing torque capacity.

All RING-flex® couplings are pre-engineered to include a Shrink Disc®, which makes them ready to install upon receipt. These stainless steel disc packs, along with a Ringfeder® keyless locking device system, assures a totally backlash-free connection and the capability for allowing greater axial, angular, or radial misalignment, depending on the coupling configuration. They allow for greater axial flexibility during assembly and eliminate key fitting costs.

Unique designs are available for a variety of couplings including: flange mounted, close-coupled, fail-safe, high-speed, and extra-long couplings.

Ringfeder has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in precision power transmission components including keyless shaft/hub connections, shock absorbing devices, flexible elastomeric couplings, torque limiters and RING-flex® flexible disc couplings.

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