Countertop System measures package dimensions and weight.

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Designed for moderate-volume shipping applications, ExpressCube 150 fits on 24 in. countertop and provides instant determination of gross and dimensional weight based on different factors used by various carriers. Multiple communication ports provide data I/O for integration with computer, WMS, bar code readers, and digital data displays. Featuring no moving parts, system measures and weighs up to 70 lb boxes with max dimensions of 18 x 24 x 30 in.

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The ExpressCube 150 Has a Strong ROI for a Practical Solution to the Dimensional Weight Calculation for Small Package Handlers

May 2, 2007 -- The ExpressCube 150 is a low cost dimensioning and weighing system solution for moderate volume shipping applications. Designed to fit on a 24" countertop, ExpressCube 150 will measure and weigh boxes with dimensions of 18"x24"x30" and weigh up to 70 lbs. ExpressCube is a division of Global Sensor Systems Inc. a successful veteran in the sensor development, manufacturing and marketing business. Recognizing the worldwide opportunity in the Dimensioning (DIM) and weighing of parcels, the ExpressCube division of Global was established. A team of innovative designers and engineers utilizing 30 years of experience and proven technology created the ExpressCube DIM weighing solution that is now considered the most advanced countertop system in the world.

"Recent studies of a National Post Office found that 35% of its parcels had incorrect dimensioning and/or weights which resulted in lost revenue. This is especially relevant given the shift to Shape-Based Pricing by the USPS stating May 14, 2007," said Gordon Cooper, CEO, ExpressCube. "If the postage is not correct, the post office will either return the package or charge the receiver. Couriers will arbitrarily adjust the bill upwards."

"We recently demonstrated the ExpressCube 150 at an open house," said Jim Spates, Partner, Innovative Mailing and Shipping Systems Inc., Long Island. "It generated a lot of excitement with potential customers."

With almost every order different, the variation in billing costs due to dimensional weight becomes very difficult to predict without time consuming measurements and weight calculations. The ExpressCube 150 provides an instant determination of gross and dimensional weight. With the press of one key, a shipper can determine dimensional weight based on different DIM factors used by different carriers. Errors are eliminated and savings are immediate.

Multiple communication ports on the rear of ExpressCube provide data input and outputs for integration to the customer's computer, WMS systems, bar code readers and digital data displays. The ExpressCube 150 has no moving parts, providing low maintenance and increased reliability. ExpressCube is designed to be operating in less than 5 minutes from removal of its shipping box. Customer's anxieties will also not be raised, as there are no lasers used in this device or noisy ultrasonic.

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Global Sensor Systems Inc. is a successful veteran in the sensor development, manufacturing, and marketing business. Recognizing the worldwide opportunity in the Dimensioning (DIM) and weighing of parcels, the ExpressCube division was established to market the ExpressCube products. ExpressCube utilizes Global's 30 years of proven technology and innovative designs. ExpressCube is now the undisputable state-of-the- art, Dimension and weighing solution. Please visit at for more information.

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Company Contact: Gordon Cooper - CEO; 905-507-0007,

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