Cosmetic Defects Terminology Used in Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process using various thermoplastic materials that are fed into a heated barrel, mixed and forced into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the cavity configuration. Plastic injection molding has evolved into a complex technology for various industries and components therefore the Society of Plastics Industry produced a list of terms and definitions for typical cosmetic defects in plastic injection molding. Below are a few of the more common terms:


o Void pockets, typically seen only in transparent parts. May appear as a bulge or protrusion in an opaque part.


o Stress induced splitting or fissures causing separation of material.


o Any change from the original color standard. Unintended, inconsistent color.


o Excess plastic at parting line or mating surface of the mold

o Normally very thin and flat protrusion of plastic along an edge of a part

o Can also appear as a very thin string or thread of plastic away from the edge of a part.

o Often found at vents, knock outs and other shut-off areas.


o Surface imperfection due to an abrasion that removes small amounts of material

o Depth is measurable.


o Cloudiness on an otherwise transparent part


o Surface imperfection due to abrasion that removes small amounts of material.

o Depth is not measurable.

o Differs from scratch in mold which leaves a consistent mark.

SHORTS (short shot, non-fill)

o Missing plastic due to incomplete filling of the mold cavity.

o Parts are not completely formed.

o Can usually be identified by smooth, shiny and rounded surfaces.


o Surface depression caused by non uniform material solidification and shrinkage.

o Most often noted at interface between differing wall thicknesses.


o Small discolored points of matter embedded in the surface.

o Typically black, caused by material contamination or material degradation


o Off colored streaking.

o Usually appears silver-like.

o Splay is caused by moisture in the material or thermal degradation of the resin during processing.

o A similar look can be caused by cold material skipping across the surface during a fast fill.

o This is commonly called "jetting".


o Witness line where 2 or more fronts of molten plastic converge.

o Also called knitlines or flow lines.

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