Corrosion Intercept

Pure-Stat has become a fan of Corrosion Intercept®, an Intercept Technology™. Our PureStat™ material, our namesake product, is liked because it is clean and effective and our BlacStat™ product is an industry standard as well as non-sloughing (our structure locks in the carbon so it does not contaminate clean products, nor does it cause messes in packaging departments). We have had similar feedback from users of Corrosion Intercept, another material with which we work and have expanded into new applications and products. This material is constantly compared to Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, which have been in existence since being developed by Shell in 1947. We prefer Corrosion Intercept because it fits into our belief that providing advanced technology, that in this case is non-volatile and has a very long shelf life and useful life, as well as being extremely clean and truly environmentally friendly will provide our customers with the best options and will build trust by delivering superior protection for their products.

The 'Application Notes' link about wrapping precision gears on our home page highlights a project with a gear manufacturer. The company wanted to get away the smells of their current packaging and the inconsistent results – it was frustrating to them to pack in traditional methods and still have parts arrive corroded.  When we presented them with a different option, Corrosion Intercept® they immediately jumped on the fact that the material had no odors, had no reactions to people handling or working with it and provided effective corrosion protection without fears of shelf life issues. 

The reason we thought of it was because it provides an unmatched level of consistency, a total cost reduction, as well as improved health and safety standards. Consistency is paramount, protecting our customers' products 99% of the time is not good enough for us, nor should it be good enough for you. We are proud to report that after a dozen years there have been no reported failures with the bags and wraps. Second, a cost reduction was a bonus. Third, the handlers of the products enjoy the fact that their packaging and shipping department no long smells like oils, because the Corrosion Intercept does not out gas, it actually does the opposite by absorbing atmospheric pollutants.

Finally, the best piece of news we got out of all of this is that this manufacturer referred us. We take pride in using our expertise to provide process improvements and the most advanced technology, and knowing that the customer thought highly enough of us to go out of its way to recommend us is an honor. We take our business seriously; please give us the opportunity to take yours seriously as well.

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