Corning Cable Systems Introduces FTTH Deployment Solution Sets for Unique Network Designs

HICKORY, N.C. - Corning Cable Systems LLC, part of Corning Incorporated's (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, introduces its new, flexible fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment solution sets with interoperable components designed to be connected in a variety of configurations. Corning Cable Systems' latest offering features two versatile central office options that progress to three preconnectorized outside plant solutions: Traditional, Branch or Distributed Split.

Two of Corning's most innovative central office options are Eclipse® Hardware and the Enhanced Management Frame (EMF). Ideal for smaller spaces, Eclipse provides an 864-fiber FTTH solution on one frame. The EMF is an ideal combination of high density and simplified fiber management in one solution with 1728-fiber capacity and integrated jumper management.

At the local convergence point, Corning's OptiTect® Cabinet, LS Series has the capacity to connect 864 individual subscribers. Intuitive, efficient cable routing and splitter storage combine with superior ergonomics to reduce installation time.

Enabled by the environmentally-protected, factory-installed and tested OptiTip® Multifiber Connector, installation is almost as simple as screwing in a light bulb with any one of the following preconnectorized FTTH deployment solutions:

o Preconnectorized Branch solutions provide modularity, enable the network designer to respond to a variety of neighborhood layouts and are particularly useful in higher-density builds, especially when homes are arranged in grid-like patterns. Preconnectorized Branch solutions use off-the-shelf, inventoried products to create custom network designs and offer significant design flexibility.

o Preconnectorized Traditional builds use the simple design of a distribution cable with terminals at network access points. Best for medium-to high-density scenarios or areas where customers are more randomly distributed, the Preconnectorized Traditional design is usually more linear in nature but does allow for branching as needed. While this method requires more up-front engineering, its ease of installation allows for very fast deployments. The simplicity of adding terminals makes it an ideal way to defer installation costs and better match revenue streams.

o Preconnectorized Distributed Split solutions work best for rural areas, when low subscription rates are expected, or when general uncertainty exists. A second layer of splitting at the network access point allows for a low-fiber-count distribution cable, which helps minimize initial costs. Again, the ease of adding terminals in the future allows installers to reduce up-front installation costs and defer connection cost until subscriptions are received, creating better matched revenue streams. This scalability makes this solution a good choice for low- to medium-density areas.

Each preconnectorized FTTH deployment solution set not only enables rapid installation and dependable connections but also allows for splicing throughout the network. Visit Corning's booth #200 at the 2010 FTTH Conference & Expo, Sept. 12-16 in Las Vegas, to learn more about Corning Cable Systems' flexible FTTH deployment solution sets.

For additional information on Corning Cable Systems products and services, contact a customer service representative at 1-800-743-2675, toll free in the United States, or (+1) 828-901-5000, international, or visit the Web site at

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