Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products to Discuss the Substantial Savings of Using ResinDek® as Opposed to Concrete for Mezzanine Floors at the 2017 ProMat Expo

CINCINNATI, March 30, 2017 - As a world leader in mezzanine flooring, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products® announced they will be showcasing ResinDek®, the premier mezzanine flooring panels, at ProMat 2017. The expo will run from April 3 – 6 at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL.

ResinDek® mezzanine flooring panels, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products®, are the value engineered solution for the Material Handling Industry. ResinDek panels offer superior design and manufacturing processes which enhance the functionality, durability and life of the floor. They provide the strength you associate with a concrete floor, yet offer savings of tens of thousands of dollars. Greg Doppler, President of Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, states; "Selecting ResinDek panels instead of concrete saves at least 30 lbs. per square foot of dead load on the structure, which equals 1,500,000 lbs. on a 50,000 sqft. elevated platform".

Concrete structures need to be considerably more rigid to prevent damage to the concrete decking that comes with flexure. To avoid flexural failures, and unsightly cracking, concrete decking flexure must be limited to no more than L/360, while ResinDek flooring systems can be designed for L/240 deflections. With a properly designed flooring system, using ResinDek instead of concrete reduces the flooring system dead weight by 90%. The reduced weight, coupled with an increased allowable deflection, allows for a reduction by as much as 35% in the amount of steel required in the substructure. As an added bonus, concrete footings may be significantly reduced, and sometimes eliminated altogether for even greater savings. It is quite common to save up to $5/sqft* when using ResinDek instead of concrete on mezzanines and industrial work platforms. In other words, ResinDek allows for reduced flooring system weights, smaller footings, less steel, and greater allowable deflections, which adds up to big savings. *Actual savings may vary based on project scope and location.

ResinDek mezzanine flooring panels are offered in seven different grades to match the specific load requirements. When required, they are available with FSC® Certification and can contribute towards earning points for LEED® qualified buildings. ResinDek is available with enhanced finishes such as Gray Diamond Seal 2™, ESD (electrostatic dissipative), and TriGard®, which is specifically engineered and designed to handle the rigorous demands of ultra-high rolling traffic cycles that are typically found in robotic applications. ResinDek floor panels have proven structural integrity and support pallet jack loads from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs. Backed by a 10-year product warranty, ResinDek is built to last. Stop by ProMat booth S1256 to learn more about ResinDek or visit their website at

About Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products is one of the few, if not the only company that focuses 100% on mezzanine floor performance for fulfillment centers, pick modules, warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and storage facilities. They lead the industry in innovation, panel performance and quality due to their extensive testing and research. They believe in helping their customers solve problems through innovative designs and long-lasting durability.


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