Corelis Offers Integrated JTAG Solution with National Instruments

High Speed Digital I/O Platform Doubles as a JTAG Controller.

Cerritos, CA - Corelis, Inc. today announced support for National Instruments
High Speed Digital I/O (HSDIO) instruments with Corelis' ScanExpress suite of high-performance JTAG test and measurement tools. The marriage of National Instruments hardware with Corelis software provides a seamless path for deploying boundary-scan test and programming capabilities on existing PCI, PXI, and PXIe test platforms.

Boundary-scan integration support is provided for National Instruments 655x series HSDIO instruments, including the new PXIe-6556 model. In addition to functioning as a digital waveform generator/analyzer for characterizing, validating, and testing digital electronics, integration with ScanExpress tools enables these cards to connect to and control a circuit board's JTAG Test Access Port at voltages as low as 1.2V with test clock speeds up to 30MHz. The ScanExpress software allows users to select NI 655x series cards through the native GUI interface or alternatively by using LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and TestStand with a DLL-based API interface.

"Our customers continue to gain awareness of the value offered by deploying boundary-scan technology earlier in the product design cycle-both as a means to increase efficiency and to improve the bottom line," states Ryan Jones, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis.

"Adding National Instruments hardware product support to Corelis software aligns well with this movement; NI products are already used extensively in the design, development, and test environments. The comfort, convenience, and peace of mind in using familiar equipment help engineers reduce the learning curve when employing JTAG test."

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