Cooper Instruments & Systems Announces Partnership with Dytran and New Product, Accelerometer

Warrenton, VA - Cooper Instruments & Systems has announced a new partnership with Dytran Instruments, Inc. Cooper Instruments' President, Rex Cooper, says "Although our partnership with Dytran is fairly new, it is built on relationships with their reps and managers that have been developed over many years." As a result of this partnership, Cooper Instruments will now be adding a new accelerometer to their product line, the Dytran 5340.

Purchase of the Dytran 5340 will include a USB triaxial DC response accelerometer, 15-foot 4-pin to USB cable assembly, VibraScout Data Acquisition Software, and VibraScout Windows- compatible Post Processor Software on CD (no license required). In addition to the vibration measurement system, the only required hardware is a personal computer and a USB port.

Offered with a ±16g full scale range, the variable capacitance (VC) accelerometer combines an integrated VC chip in a hermetically sealed titanium housing weighing 17 grams, and is offered with a low-end frequency response down to DC (0 Hz) and an upper frequency range of 1,100 Hz. Units are rugged to 10,000g shock and operate from +3.8 to +6.0 VDC power.

The software package supplied with each system allows for real time, three-directional acceleration acquisition (including Static Inclination) along with real-time temperature monitoring. The standard USB protocol handles all the sensor communications with the PC and provides the following information: storage of acceleration and temperature information; real-time scrolling plots of acceleration data with display of min, max and mean; real-time logging of data to delimited file for importing into Excel; both auto and smart triggering modes; digital filters to improve signal/noise ratio; real-time data compression to Fast Fourier Transform (FFT); and much more.

Features of the VibraScout™ Post Processor software include: plot-recorded data from the software; zoom and select a specific timeframe of recorded data for post processing; reproduce interpolated oversampled data to provide better resolution of vibration signals; multiple file types to export to including ASCII, time history .JPG files, TDMS binary files of time history data readable in Microsoft Excel, PSD and FFT plots in Joint Photographic file format; and display of recorded average temperature.

Cooper Instruments & Systems is a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure measurement instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services. Since opening for business in 1988, their products and systems have been used extensively around the globe.

For more information about the Dytran 5340 Accelerometer or Cooper Instruments & Systems, please contact Rex Cooper at (800) 344-3921 or email

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