Conveyors are offered with 3 types of coated rollers.

Press Release Summary:

Roll-A-Way Conveyors are available with black-coated rollers consisting of solid rubber bonded to steel roller. Overall diameter is 1.9 in. and rolling capacity is 290 lb. Used with ¾ in. micro, 1 3/8 in. durable, and 2 in. heavy-duty rollers, white poly-covered models are non-marring and suited for applications with stainless or aluminum products. Orange polyurethane roller covers work with 1.9 and 2.4 in. steel rollers and are suited for delicate applications.

Original Press Release:

Roll-A-Way Conveyor Now Offers Line of Coated Rollers.

Roll-A-Way Conveyors now offer three new roller types for various conveyer applications. The black coated roller is solid rubber bonded to a steel roller. This heavy duty rolling capacity is 290# and the overall diameter is 1.9". It has the highest friction cover of the covered rollers. The white poly covered rollers are used with our 3/4" micro rollers, our 1 3/8" durable, and 2" heavy duty rollers. The non-marring material is well suited for applications with stainless or aluminum products which must not get scratched. The cover on the micro roller increases the overall diameter to 7/8" so that you may get a smooth conveyance of 1" roller centers for very small items. The orange poly-urethane roller covers work with 1.9" and 2.4" steel rollers. These covers are of a softer durometer than the white covers for the most delicate applications. For more information please contact us at: Roll-A-Way Conveyors 2335 Delaney Road, Gurnee, Il 60031 847-336-5033 URL: E-mail

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