Conveyor System Frees Up Floor Space For Fruit and Vegetable Packing House Operations

Fruit and produce packing houses can maximize warehouse space by adding a PACLINE overhead conveyor to deliver empty cartons to packers.

This apple packing facility installed the PAC-LINE(TM) conveyor system to transport empty cartons to the packing area. Rather than cluttering the floor area, the empty cartons are conveyed overhead on hooks from the warehouse. Packers select the needed boxes as they pass over their packing area.

In this facility they were able to extend the empty carton delivery line up into the unused ceiling space which allowed this fruit packing facility to free up floor space where other equipment could be installed.

The PAC-LINE conveyor offers a wide range of standard horizontal and vertical curves to allow for conveying through very tight radius curves and in compact spaces.

Elevation changes of 15, 30, 45 and even 60 degrees is possible on empty carton delivery systems using the PAC-LINE(TM) conveyor.

Visit the PACLINE website to learn more about automated carton delivery systems for fruit and produce packing operations.

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