Conveyor handles variety of factory automation applications.

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With modular plug-and-play operation, audit/bypass, and adjustable width option, Q-Squared Quickdraw® Conveyor facilitates material handling and transfer in range of automation applications such as PCB assembly, automotive component assembly, semiconductor manufacturing, and laboratories. IPC-SMEMA-9851 and SMEMA 1.2 compatible product features built-in corner rotate, shuttle, elevator, and lift gate options, and 110 Vac to 1.6 A power requirement (240 Vac capable).

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Magstar(TM) Q-Squared Quickdraw® Conveyor System Delivers Built-In Pallet Transfer Capability to Provide an Efficient Assembly Line Solution

HOPKINS, MN - September 27, 2007 -MagStar(TM) Technologies, Inc. announces the Q-Squared Series Conveyor, an efficient, space-saving addition to the company's advanced line of Quickdraw® Conveyor Systems. The Q-Squared, introduced in 2006, provides robust transfer and material handling capabilities in a wide range of industrial conveyor applications by offering true modular plug-and-play operation, with SMEMA capability and Audit/Bypass function included and adjustable width optional. In addition, the Q-Squared eliminates the need for control panels, supervisory PLCs, and complex pneumatic distribution with its built-in Corner Rotate, Shuttle, Elevator, and Lift Gate options.

The Q-Squared modular conveyor easily transfers assembly line pallets from one workstation to another, and it is simple to assemble, integrate and reconfigure to suit virtually any assembly requirement-without disrupting the surrounding production lines. Like all Quickdraw conveyors, the Q-Squared operates with lower power consumption and less noise generation than competitive conveyors, and its patented state-of-the-art slip roller technology ensures the machine's clean operation and product transfer, making it an ideal solution for cleanroom operations. The Q-Squared design is available on Quickdraw's Edge Belt, Heavy Duty, Standard MR roller, and soon to be introduced XR conveyor lines.

"The Q-Squared offers significant cost and space savings over other transfer systems by performing both conveyance and control," said Dave Helgerson, Chief Technology Officer for MagStar. "Materials on a Q-Squared system can be conveyed to another workstation to undergo the next assembly step or, with simple configuration, the conveyor will return any defective products to another designated location. The Q-Squared's intelligent operation improves efficiency and helps ensure that only the highest quality assembled products are produced." Helgerson adds, "Since the Q-Squared is also SMEMA compatible, it easily integrates into and interfaces with existing modular assembly lines. SMEMA is a great protocol with which to standardize automated operations, even outside of PCB assembly lines. Plus, since the conveyor only operates while a product is being transferred, it has significantly extended service life and reduces operation costs while maximizing output."

Applications. The Q-Squared's proprietary conveyor control platform makes it ideal for use as a transfer conveyor or as a buffering return line on palletized assembly lines, delivering a wide range of manufacturing solutions without the need for expensive control panels, custom software, or metering stops. With this robust trait, the Q-Squared solves a variety of factory automation applications, including the following:

Printed circuit board assembly
Cleanroom operations
Automotive component assembly
Semiconductor manufacturing
Laboratory environments

In addition, several features of the Q-Squared make it particularly easy to set up and use:
Communication-based transfer of pallets and product between workstations
Corner Rotate, Shuttle, Elevator, and Lift Gate functions can be built-in
Convenient size and capacity of standard Quickdraw conveyors
IPC-SMEMA-9851 and SMEMA 1.2 compatible
Plug-and-play control systems
Modular and sectional design
Slip roller technology
Audit/Bypass function
Adjustable width option
Sensor stop
Adjustable speed and acceleration
Clean operation-generates less debris
Consumes less power and takes up less floor space
110 VAC - 1.6A power requirement (240 VAC capable)

MagStar Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced conveyor solutions and custom servo motor assemblies. MagStar's proprietary Quickdraw Conveyors are automated systems for material handling in any application, especially cleanroom and assembly applications in factory and laboratory environments. Quickdraw provides ESD protection and low power consumption. Additional company and product information can be found at or by calling 1-800-473-8837. Send questions and comments to

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