Conveyor can turn tight corners.

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Aero Mechanical Conveyor can turn at 90° bends with no loss in throughput. Using looped rope traveling through tube with evenly spaced discs to create moving air current, conveyor maintains high throughput rates of up to 120 tons/hr elevating material from ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25 m at any angle. It is designed and custom-built for specific product to be handled.

Original Press Release:

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Designed to Turn Tight Corners

August 19, 2002

Charlotte, NC---Spiroflow aero mechanical conveyors have been introduced with a new design enabling them to turn at 90° bends, significantly increasing application flexibility by allowing users to plan out conveying routes around obstacles.

This ability to turn a series of tight corners with no loss in throughput is an advance on most powder and granule conveying methods limited to either straight lines or gentle bends, or vacuum conveyors that can turn bends but each one reduces their throughput.

Designed and custom-built for the product to be handled, in a virtually limitless range of configurations to suit a wide variety of applications, the aero mechanical conveyor is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of conveying materials in terms of its high productivity and clean dust-free operation.

Using a looped rope travelling through a tube with evenly spaced discs to create a moving air current, these conveyors maintain high throughput rates of up to 120 tonnes/hr elevating material from a ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25m at any angle.

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