Converters bridge NRZ and CDI protocols.

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Series CV-8448 converters allow bridging of NRZ (Non Return to Zero) and CDI (Conditioned Di-Phase) protocols so that NRZ devices can be positioned up to 4 km from satellite terminal. Units offer rates from 16 kbps to 8.448 Mbps over fiber-optic cable and rates up to 4.608 Mbps over copper. Select models offer choice of singlemode fiber or multimode fiber connections. Timing options allow pass-through synchronous timing or referencing of GPS timing sources and station clocks.

Original Press Release:

Singlemode and Multimode 8Mb Fiber Protocol Converters from DNE

Fiber Optic Connections, 8Mb Rates Lead New Feature Set Wallingford, CT (USA) - DNE Technologies, a provider of tactical voice and data communication solutions, announces the release of a new family of products, the CV-8448 NRZ to CDI protocol converters. DNE's CV-8448 products allow the bridging of NRZ and CDI protocols so cameras, routers, cryptos, and other NRZ devices can be positioned at significant distances from the satellite terminal. DNE offers these NRZ to CDI conversion products offer both rates up to 8.448Mbps over fiber-optic cable, and rates up to 4.608 Mbps over copper. The new line offers a model with either singlemode fiber or multimode fiber connections, and extends DNE's capability to support TRI-TAC digital trunk groups and new, emerging satellite technologies while utilizing the reliability and economy of fiber connections. DNE's new CV-8448 Protocol Converters perform NRZ-CDI, CDI-Fiber and NRZ-Fiber conversions at a variety of data rates, ranging from 16kbps to 8.448Mbps. Flexible timing options allow either pass-through synchronous timing, or referencing of GPS timing sources and station clocks. The NRZ interface may be configured to support either the red or black side of an encryption unit. The CV-8448 series is offered in five models which will support fiber-optic or copper-wire, in stand-alone or rack-mounted options. In addition, data mark sense is user selectable. The CV-8448 units are designed to bridge the two most popular cable link protocols utilized in tactical communications, NRZ and CDI. Non Return to Zero (NRZ) is prevalent among data routers, hubs, switches, video cameras, and modems because it offers an economical high-speed interface, yet NRZ devices have output distance ranges that are extremely short. Conditioned Di-Phase (CDI) protocols are used where wire or fiber-based connections are needed to send high-speed data over long distances (2 to 4 km). CDI interfaces on data routers can thus be configured to run at higher speeds, and the reach of video cameras and other popular NRZ devices can be extended to be positioned up to 4 km from a satellite terminal. Three CV-8448 stand-alone models are being offered in this series. Each model supports Balanced CDI rates from 16kbps to 2048kbp; Unbalanced CDI rates from 72kbps to 4608kbps over an integrated copper-wire UG-1837 connector; a front panel display, and a 48/5 VDC Power source for popular encryption units. In addition, primary lightning protection is offered on the copper wire connections. The CV-8448FSM supports singlemode fiber over 9/125µm @1300nm singlemode with metal ST-style connectors. The CV-8448F supports multimode fiber over 62.5/125µm @1300nm multimode metal ST-style connectors. All fiber connections support rates from 72kbps to 8448kbps. The CV-8448CX Model offers copper-wire connections only with a maximum rate of 4608kbps. Two CV-8448 models are being offered as dual rack-mount units. Each model contains two individually configurable converter modules in a one-RU chassis (1.75" high), configurable through a terminal connector at the rear of the chassis. The converter modules offer balanced CDI rates from 16kbps to 4608kbps and Unbalanced CDI rates from 72kbps to 8448kbps in both copper-wire and fiber-optic connectors (with a maximum copper-wire rate of 4608kbps). The individual converter unit can be "hot swapped" without powering down the unit. The CV-8448-D supports multimode fiber over 62.5/125µm @1300nm, while the CV-8448-DSM supports singlemode fiber over 9/125µm@1300nm. The CV-8448 Converter and DNE's ATM Concentrator Line permit full use of emerging broadband satellite services, while allowing data communication and encryption devices to be physically grouped to simplify monitoring and control of communication links. For more information on the CV-8448 family, the TAC ATM Concentrator Line, or the AN/FCC-100(V)9 or other DNE products, contact DNE Technologies at (203) 265-7151 or (800) 370-4485, or visit their web site at

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