Controller ICs support IDB-1394 standard.

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Enabling rear-seat entertainment using high-speed video image transmission, Models MB88388A and MB88389 incorporate PHY and link layer functions specified in IDB-1394 standard, with support for 100/200/400 Mbps data transmission speeds. Model MB88388A implements SmartCODEC video codec, which can compress and decompress high-resolution video without perceptible latencies in 2-3 msec. Both include digital transmission content protection to prevent unauthorized duplication of digital content.

Original Press Release:

Fujitsu Introduces New IDB-1394-Compliant ICs Featuring Full Range of Embedded Multimedia Functions

Industry's first devices that enable rear-seat entertainment using high-speed video image transmission

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 5 /- Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) today announced the two new controller ICs - the MB88388A and MB88389 - that support the IDB-1394 standard for in-vehicle multimedia networks.

The MB88388A is the industry's first device to support vehicle navigation imaging using the IDB-1394 standard. The controller implements the Fujitsu proprietary SmartCODEC, a video codec specified under the IDB-1394 international standard for in-vehicle video transmission. SmartCODEC, which was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., can compress and decompress high-resolution video without perceptible latencies in two to three milliseconds, which is much faster than the video frame rate. By combining the MB88388A with the MB88389 IC for IDB-1394-compliant audio, it is possible to realize a high-quality, cost-effective, rear-seat entertainment system.

Both the MB88388A and the MB88389 ICs incorporate the physical layer (PHY) and link layer functions specified in the IDB-1394 standard, with support for 100/200/400 Mbps data transmission speeds. This single-chip implementation reduces the number of parts required. Both of the new devices also implement digital transmission content protection (DTCP) to prevent unauthorized duplication of digital content. Two streams can be simultaneously encrypted and decrypted.

IDB-1394 Network Expected to Move into Widespread Use
IDB-1394 is an international data networking standard for transmitting video, audio, and other multimedia data over a vehicle network. Various automobile manufacturers now view the standard as ideal for rear-seat entertainment systems that can play DVDs, show digital TV programs, and offer access to the car navigation system. Anticipating the future demand for rear-seat entertainment systems, Fujitsu and Fujitsu VLSI Limited co-developed the MB88388A navigation-imaging, video and audio transmission controller, and the MB88389 audio transmission controller based on the IDB-1394 standard.

The SmartCODEC codec for video is used in the BT.601 Transport over IEEE 1394 standard, a protocol for sending BT.601 video streams such as YUV and RGB over the IDB-1394 network. The codec enables video from DVD, digital TV, and navigation sources to move through the network while maintaining high-quality images at one third of the original image data size. Encoding occurs only within the SmartCODEC's internal line memory, so external frame buffers are unnecessary.

Also, because IDB-1394 can be configured as a multiplexing network, multiple video and audio streams can be transmitted simultaneously over the same physical layer. As a result, the vehicle network can carry complex information over a single cable, reducing wiring-harness complexity and weight. The MB88389 controller can be integrated easily into the IDB-1394 network to reduce the cost of audio networking.

Fujitsu plans to expand its range of IDB-1394-compliant offerings to accommodate various types of multiple data transmission from peripheral vehicle cameras, while reducing system cost even further.

"We are pleased to see the first fully integrated IDB-1394 compliant LSI product from Fujitsu," said Mark Spain, director of the Microsoft Automotive Business Unit of Microsoft Corporation. "We support this standard and plan to utilize it for the Microsoft Auto platform designed to create advanced in-vehicle infotainment systems. As digital experiences grow, software and services are expected to converge in the car, requiring standard platforms and enabling technologies like those from Microsoft and Fujitsu."

Sample Pricing and Availability
The new MB88388A and MB83389 will be packaged in LQFPs and will be available beginning in December with sample prices starting at $17 and $12.80, respectively.

For more information about the Fujitsu SmartCODEC Image Compression Technology visit

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Key Specifications

Product MB88388A MB88389

Physical layer Complies with
Max speed 400Mbps, 2 beta port

Link layer Complies with IEEE-1394b-2002

DTCP functionality Simultaneous encryption
and decryption of two streams

Transport protocol
support IEC61883-Part 8 (BT.601) (*2)
IEC61883-Part 6 (Audio) (*3) IEC61883-Part 6
Video interface 1 x BT656 or Digital RGB I/O
(switchable) None

Audio interface 2 x I2S (*4) 8-channel I/O 2 x I2S 8-channel
or IEC60958 (*5)

SmartCODEC Included Not included

Operating voltage 3.3V +/- 0.3V (I/O),
1.8 V +/- 0.15V (internal)

temperature - 40 degrees C - 85 degrees C

Packaging LQFP (*6) LQFP
216 pins, 0.4 mm pitch, 24mm2 100 pins, 0.5mm
pitch, 14mm2

*1. IEEE-1394b-2002
An extension to the older IEEE1394a-2000 high-speed serial-bus standard used for PCs and audio-visual equipment. Expansions to this standard are currently underway, to enable faster transmission speeds and transmission across longer distances. This standard has been has been adopted for IDB-1394.

*2. IEC61883-Part 8 (BT.601)
IEC61883 is a transmission protocol established by the International Electrotechnical Commission, for digital interfaces of audio and visual equipments.

BT.601 Transport Over IEEE-1394 is in the process of being ratified as Part 8.

*3. IEC61883-Part 6 (Audio)
A protocol for streaming audio over IDB-1394.

*4. I2S
Stands for "Inter-IC Sound Bus." An interface standard for connecting digital audio equipment.

*5. IEC60958
A standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission for digitally transmitting audio signals.

*6. LQFP
Stands for "Low-profile Quad Flat Package." A type of surface-mounted plastic packaging with an installed height of 1.7mm or less.

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