Control Valves serve general-, medium-duty applications.

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Offered in up to 6 in. line size in Class 150/300 with Class IV leakage, LSV-100™ has top-guided, unbalanced, single-seated trim and linear or equal percentage contoured plug. Balanced or unbalanced LSV-200™ comes in up to 6 in. line size in Class 150/300 with standard Class IV or optional Class VI leakage and has cage-style, linear or equal percentage trim. Offered in up to 8 in. line size in Class 600/900/1500, MSV-100™ has Venturi ball design, Class V leakage, and linear trim.

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DFT Releases New Control Valve Lines

LSV-100™, LSV-200™, and MSV-100™ Serve General and Medium Duty Industrial Applications

Exton, PA - DFT Inc., an industry leader in the manufacture of valves for more than 70 years, announces the release of three new control valve lines to augment its severe service control valve product line. The new products offer attractive pricing for general and medium duty industrial applications.

The LSV-100™ and LSV-200™ are used for general control applications such as water and steam when a small boiler is in use. The MSV-100™ is for medium duty industrial and light power applications as normally found in the paper, chemical, and refinery industries.

Features of the LSV-100™

• Top-guided, unbalanced, single-seated trim

• Available in up to six-inch line size in Classes 150 and 300 with Class IV leakage

• Fast-opening linear or equal percentage contoured plug

• Used for lower pressure (light) applications

Features of the LSV-200™

• Cage-style trim

• Available in either balanced or unbalanced design

• Used for moderate pressure drops

• Balanced trim in sizes greater than two inches minimizes the size of the actuator

• Also available in up to six-inch line size, Classes 150 and 300, as well as Class 125 and 250 for cast iron applications

• Trim can be either linear or equal percentage; low flow trim also offered in smaller sizes

• Class IV standard, Class VI optional

Features of the MSV-100™

• Uses DFT's unique Venturi ball design

• Available in up to eight-inch line size

• Classes 600, 900, and 1500

• Venturi ball design provides superior control, long life, and low maintenance for moderate pressure drop applications

• Class V leakage

• Linear trim

Complete details on these products and DFT's full line of check valves and control valves may be found at


DFT manufactures severe service control valves and in-line check valves in its Exton, Pennsylvania, facility. DFT takes pride in working closely with its end users to solve their problems. The result is product that provides superior performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs.

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