Control Panels feature 50 m DVI/USB extension.

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Built using aluminum frames with IP65 protection at front, Series CP69xx Economy Control Panels are available with 6.5, 12, 15, or 19 in. TFT display with touchscreen or touchpad options. DVI/USB extension transfers graphics signals directly via DVI cable over max distance of 50 m, while USB signal is transferred to CAT 5 cable, extending 5 m limitation of USB cabling to 50 m. Applications include HMI, data acquisition, operation, and monitoring.

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New Beckhoff 'Economy' Control Panels Feature 50 m DVI/USB Extension

Latest Beckhoff Control Panel design greatly improves panel extension distances and reduces cost as much as 40%

MINNEAPOLIS, June 20, 2006 - With the new CP69xx "Economy" Control Panels from Beckhoff Automation, high quality HMI hardware is improved with enhanced features and reduced cost from 20 percent to 40 percent when compared to earlier designs.

The panel's innovative DVI/USB extension allows devices to be installed at a distance of up to 50 m as standard - improving upon conventional DVI/USB connections by a factor of 10. The maximum distance for conventional DVI/USB connections is far shorter at only 5 m. Previous DVI/USB extension technology allowed distances up to 30 m, but at a significantly higher cost by requiring expensive extension components.

Although established CP Link technology from Beckhoff enables Control Panel extension ranges of up to 100 m, the market trend for many panel applications is moving strongly towards using technologies such as DVI (for image transfer) and USB (for input devices such as touchscreen, keyboard, etc.).

The CP69xx DVI/USB extension transfers graphics signals directly via a DVI cable over a maximum distance of 50 m, while the USB signal is transferred to a CAT 5 cable in order to extend the 5 m limitation of USB cabling to the same maximum distance of 50 m. For distances up to 5 m, the PC and the Control Panel can be connected directly via a USB cable.

The CP69xx panels are built using Beckhoff's standard, high quality aluminum frames with IP 65 protection at the front. The panels are suitable for manufacturers and machine builders as displays for HMI, production data acquisition, operation and monitoring purposes, or as information panels.

The CP69xx "Economy" Control Panels are available with 6.5, 12, 15 or 19 inch TFT display with touchscreen or touchpad options. The panels can be used as a monitor without a keyboard, or users can select membrane keypad models, with some that feature full alphanumeric keyboards.

Beckhoff Automation provides advanced, open automation products based upon proven technologies so that customers can implement high performance control systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLC and motion control systems. Beckhoff's "New Automation Technology" product range includes PC based control, industrial PCs, automation controllers, operator interface, I/O, servo drives and motors. With representation in more than 60 countries, Beckhoff is well positioned to provide global sales and service to its customers. Sales and service are handled directly, with no intermediaries involved to provide faster response and improved communications.

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