Control Panel monitors commercial UV system efficacy, safety.

Press Release Summary:

Fresh-Aire UV® Control Panel automates monitoring of UV-C wavelength feedback, safety, and efficacy for air handling unit (AHU) FAUV Commercial Series UV light systems. Compatible with building automation systems (BAS), electro-mechanical, 16 x 12 x 8 in. transparent ABS plastic control box has alarm-capable front panel hour meter. Other features include alarm-capable amp current sensor, AHU door cut-off switch, front-panel reset button, and separate electrical panel box connection.

Original Press Release:

Fresh-Aire UV® Introduces Control Panel for Commercial UV System Monitoring, Efficacy & Safety

Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel provides automated monitoring for efficacy feedback and safety in an easy-to-install, control panel.

Fresh-Aire UV®, Jupiter, Fla., one of the world's leading manufacturers of ultraviolet (UV), gas phase carbon media air filtration and PCO air purification products, introduces the Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel, a control panel that automates the monitoring of UV-C wavelength feedback, safety and efficacy for new air handling unit (AHU) FAUV Commercial Series UV light systems.

The electro-mechanical, 16 (l) x 12 (w) x 8 (d)-inch transparent ABS plastic control box, which is compatible with most building automation systems (BAS), features a front panel hour meter that displays real-time UV lamp life. It can send an alarm when replacement lamps are needed or a default is detected. The clear-view front panel also features a red light indicating the UV system's operational status. An optional radiometer and its LED readout display separately tracks each lamp's microwatt degradation.

The Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel also incorporates an amp current sensor that sends an alarm if a lamp malfunctions. All efficacy and on/off data can be reported to a BAS.

The Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel also carries safety features such as an AHU door cut-off switch and a front-panel reset button. It also comes with a separate electrical panel box connection that houses each lamp's power supply/ballast that can be remotely located closer to the AHU's UV lamps, if needed.

The Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel is designed to work with Fresh-Aire UV's commercial APCO® Rack System, Tubular Rack System, and the Airborne Duct System, as well as other Fresh-Aire UV systems. It can also accommodate an unlimited number of lamps to simplify large systems for installing contractors and streamline maintenance and operations for building engineers and technicians.

• Assembled, factory-wired and made-in-the USA at Fresh-Aire UV's Jupiter, Fla. production facility;

• The surge-protected, weather-resistant enclosure can be mounted indoors (NEMA-1), outdoors (NEMA-3r);

• Available first quarter 2015;

• Next generation will incorporate a state-of-the-art optional programmable logic controller (PLC) compatible with all BAS systems and be available in the third quarter 2015;

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a laboratory-proven, reliable method of disinfecting biological contaminants in the airflow and the internal surfaces, drain pans and evaporator coils of AHUs.

For more information on Fresh-Aire UV and its full line of commercial and residential UVGI, APCO and other IAQ products, please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:

About Fresh-Aire UV®: Fresh-Aire UV® is a division of Triatomic Environmental Inc., Jupiter, Fla., a leading manufacturer and developer of germicidal UV light systems designed for commercial/industrial and residential HVAC systems and ice machines. Among their products is the patented Blue-Tube UV®, the first 24 volt low-voltage germicidal UV light for HVAC, which has become the most popular product of its type in the world.  Fresh-Aire UV's revolutionary APCO® (advanced photocatalytic oxidation) system, which combines UV-C light with activated carbon cells for comprehensive odor, VOC and microbial control, was an International Innovation Award winner at the 2011 AHR Expo. Fresh-Aire UV® systems are sold through wholesale HVAC/R distributors, specified by consulting engineers and installed/serviced by air conditioning contractors. Fresh-Aire UV® continually strives to engineer, develop and market products to meet the demand for a greener world and healthier environment. The UV products improve air quality, enhance the efficiency of HVAC/R systems and reduce maintenance costs.  For more information please visit, call 1-(800) 741-1195 or email:

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