Control/Monitoring Systems facilitate HACCP compliance.

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With ability to record and control critical temperatures, XJ500® and web-based XWEB® Systems are suited for restaurants, institutional food service operations, convenience stores, supermarkets, and food process installations. Users can start with Smart Only package with alarms and grow to Internet-based control and supervisory system with ability to see temperatures, compressor, fan, and defrost run times. Alarms can be faxed or e-mailed to multiple locations.

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Do HACCP Automatically, not Hap Hazard with our XJ500® and XWEB® Systems

Food safety has never been more important in today's business climate. You can take the guesswork out of your HACCP program and eliminate human error with the Dixell Control and Monitoring Systems, from Weiss Instruments. Do HACCP Automatically, not Hap Hazard. Now you can record and control the critical temperatures in your operation to assure you are in compliance.

With our XJ500® and XWEB® Systems, you can be alerted to a small problem before it becomes a Big One. If you run a Restaurant, Institutional Food Service Operation, a Convenience Store, Small to Medium Supermarket, a Warehouse Operation or Food Process installation our Monitoring and Control Systems are simple to set up and operate.

Control and monitor reach-in refrigerators, Walk-ins, Freezers, Hot Food Cabinets, Ovens, even ware-washing and lighting control with our compact and economical LED controls. Eliminate mechanical thermostats, time clocks, thermometers and wiring with our iCool® Wireless connections, saving installation costs.

As a modular system, you can start with a simple Smart Only package (with alarms) and grow to a full-blown Internet based Control and Supervisory System. You will see temperatures, compressor, fan, and defrost run times. Alarms can be faxed or e-mailed to multiple locations, on different days of the week. You can set up automatic printing of all your HACCP temperatures as often as you want.

All the power of the Internet to gain access to your operation from any PC, from anywhere. With our Web based Client / Server technology the XWEB® is simple to set up and operate. The XWEB300/3000 is a powerful Web Server combined with the Dixell distributed control system, allows you to start small and grow with your needs. Record, Store, Print, Fax, e-Mail, Alarm, easily, economically and automatically. Dixell from Weiss Instruments . . . NAFEM booth #1030

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