Control Laser Corporation (CLC) Laser Engraves the Future of Aerospace with the AeroMark(TM) Perfect Panel(TM) Laser Engraving Machine.

Orlando, FL – Changing the way an industry creates an aerospace part is challenging, but that's precisely what Control Laser did when they sat down to create the AeroMark™ Perfect Panel™ laser engraving machine. With industry requirements for high precision, combined with the flexibility to change on demand, the aerospace cockpit avionics instrument panels just got a face lift. Back-lit integrally lighted instrument panels and overlays up to 30-inches by 30-inches can be engraved with the Perfect Panel™ laser engraving system using the user-friendly Laser Marking Studio™ (LMS) software package. Drag-and-drop tools onto the screen, or import raster or vector graphics, and use nearly any font to create the instrument panel you need for your aerospace project.

Tom Myers, Vice President of Control Laser, says of the AeroMark™ Perfect Panel™ system:

“Control Laser invented the back-lit button laser technology for the automotive industry over 30-years ago. We took that knowledge and listened to what our customer needed in terms of precision and flexibility, to come up with the AeroMark™ Perfect Panel™ laser engraving system. It has been a great success.”

EDN Aviation, Inc, did plenty of research in an attempt to find the best solution for their panel refurbishment needs. As they are a leader in refurbished cockpit lighted instrument panels, they wanted to make sure that whatever system they chose is the best so that they could deliver the best to their customers. Control Laser delivered that solution.

The AeroMark™ Perfect Panel™ laser engraving system is different in that both the hardware and the software have been improved after a complete scientific review found that more movements of a panel X-Y-table causes a reduction of precision, thus an increase of engraving error. By using a larger laser scan field, meaning the laser covers a larger area per table movement, there are fewer table movements needed so precision is maintained. This method has a side-effect of being about 3-times faster than the competition. Our margin of error is less than half a human hair; we needed it to be perfect and so we made it that way.

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