Contouring Control fits cycle-controlled lathes.

Press Release Summary:

MANUALplus 4110 control program machines complex workpieces on lathes with one spindle, X and Z axes, C axis or positioning spindle, and driven tool. Supporting interactive lathe operation and G-code, it performs simple operations like manual lathe. For complex contours, graphical Interactive Contour Programming calculates missing coordinates or shows mathematically possible variants so user can select correct one.

Original Press Release:

Heidenhain Offers a New Versatile Contouring Control for Lathes - The MANUALplus 4110

SCHAUMBURG, IL - (December 2001) - HEIDENHAIN now offers the MANUALplus 4110 as its newest addition to its control program for lathes. This newest control was conceived for cycle-controlled lathes with one spindle, two slides (X and Z axis), a C axis or positioning spindle and a driven tool. A number of cycles makes it possible to machine complex workpieces, which makes the MANUALplus 4110 suitable for use on highly automated lathes.

The MANUALplus 4110 supports both interactive, graphically supported lathe operation as well as G-code. Simple operations can be performed just as they would on a manual lathe. For difficult sections, such as when turning tapers or threads, the MANUALplus cycles greatly simplify the operator's job.

On complex contours, the MANUALplus 4110 supports the machinist with convenient graphical Interactive Contour Programming (ICP). With ICP, the MANUALplus calculates missing coordinates, or if there is more than one possible solution, it shows the mathematically possible variants so that the user can select the correct one.

The integrated digital servo drive control ensures a high quality of control on the MANUALpIus 4110. Its hard disk has ample capacity for NC programs, and its Ethernet interface, a standard feature, enables fast and convenient data exchange with other information systems.

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