Continuous Web Sealers support seal widths from 1/8 to 7/16 in.

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Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, SS605S Series is suited for applications where quality seal lines must be produced at any position along film material, such as compartment bags, coupon bags, and courier packs. Pneumatic valve closes sealing jaws when running and opens to prevent scorching when idle. Operating from 115 V/60 Hz, sealers are equipped with solid-state temperature controls, fully adjustable sealing shoes, and adjustable floor pads that accommodate web path of any angle.

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SteelNor Releases the Continuous Web Sealer - SS605s

These Continuous Web Sealers - SS605S Series are designed for applications where high quality seal lines must be produced at any position along the film material. Typical applications would be compartment bags, coupon bags, and courier packs, where sheeting is used, center folded, before entering the sealer.

This series of header sealers can also be used to, (a) seal two up header seals on a bag machine with both folds in the center of the web. (b) Produce seals on the outside edges of fold over top film. (c) Seal & Cut or Seal & Perforate*.

The SS605s is used for producing header type seals and are also referred to as roller sealers. Our Third Belt option allows for sealing in the gusset, or fold over top film, for die cut bags. It also keeps the center layers from sealing together. The machine features:

o Main chassis construction from aluminum and stainless steel.

o Onboard pneumatic valve to close sealing jaws when running and open to prevent scorching when idle

o Laboratory quality solid-state temperature controls for upper and lower heating zones.

o A web path of any angle is accommodated with the adjustable floor pads or easy mounting points.

o Fully adjustable sealing shoes allow the contact angle and pressure to be set to your needs.

o Stainless Steel Covers.

o A variety of seal widths are available from 1/8" to 7/16".

o Base stand allows for easy fine-tuning of the seal position.

o 115 Volt 60 Hz.

The SS605s Product Options that are available include: -

o Chilled Liquid or Air Cooling.

o Third Belt attachment for sealing in the gusset, fold over top film, die cut bags

o Custom mounting brackets for operation in a vertical direction.

About SteelNor

SteelNor Systems designs and manufactures a standard line of equipment and specialty packaging machinery. With over 31 years' experience in the packaging industry, continuous heat sealing is our specialty. Steelnor offers machines both manual and automatic to close bags and those that are used by film converters in the bag/pouch making process as our standard product line. We can provide tailored and special solutions to unique applications, rapidly & reasonably with a common sense approach. Specialty products are our focus.

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