Continuous Insulation suits cavity and rainscreen applications.

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Manufactured using dual density technology, CavityRock® DD is available in thickness of 2.5 in. or more, while mono density CavityRock®MD comes in 1, 1.5, and 2 in. thicknesses. Green products are made from combination of natural stone and recycled material. Able to withstand heat of flames up to 2,150°F without melting, non-combustible insulation boards provide line of defense for commercial and industrial buildings, and are capable of repelling and draining water that penetrates exterior wall.

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Roxul Set to Re-Launch CavityRock® Cavity & Rainscreen Insulation

The Continuous Insulation with a Difference

Milton, ON - January 18, 2010 - Roxul Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Roxul CavityRock® DD and CavityRock®MD to the North American Marketplace. CavityRock® DD manufactured using proprietary dual density technology will be offered in products 2.5 inches or more in thickness. While the company's traditional CavityRock® MD, mono density product will be available in 1", 1.5" and 2" thicknesses. These CavityRock® products serve as continuous insulation in both cavity and rainscreen applications for the optimal performance of any exterior wall construction.

Roxul's Milton, Ontario facility is home to the largest Stone Wool manufacturing line in North America. This line features state of the art equipment and proprietary manufacturing technology that enables Roxul to offer Dual Density products. This innovative process simultaneously creates a continuous insulation board with a higher density outer surface and a low-density inner layer. The result is an extremely durable product with enhanced performance properties that is easily handled and installed.

Roxul CavityRock®is made from a combination of natural stone and recycled material. As a result, it is both fire-resistant and water-repellent. Those eco-friendly ingredients also make CavityRock® a green product that is ideal for contractors requiring environmentally responsible materials to create sustainable buildings economically.

"We're very excited to bring to market what we think is the optimal insulation for cavity wall & rainscreen applications. Our line of CavityRock® products serve our customers needs from both a performance and environmental perspective" says Dennis Beamish Roxul's Vice President of Sales Commercial Products. "Bringing both Dual Density and Mono Density products to the market ensures that we get it right and that we add value to our customers".

Fire-Resistant & Water Repellent

Like all Roxul products, CavityRock® is non-combustible, creating a superior fire barrier both during and after construction. Able to withstand the heat of flames up to 2150°F (1177°C) without melting, Roxul CavityRock® provides an excellent line of defence for commercial and industrial buildings. Roxul CavityRock® also has a low moisture sorption rate and is ideal for repelling and draining water that penetrates the exterior wall.

Exceptional Dimensional Stability

Unlike other insulating materials, CavityRock® is unaffected by fluctuating temperatures. Its exceptional dimensional stability provides for a constant R-value and long-term thermal performance.


Roxul insulations are created using natural, inorganic materials with a high recycled content. They are non-combustible and contain no dangerous chemicals. CavityRock®

About Roxul

Roxul Inc., located in Milton, Ontario, and Grand Forks, British Columbia, is a subsidiary of Rockwool International, the world's largest producer of mineral wool insulation. Rockwool International is a publicly held company, which trades on the Copenhagen Stock exchange. Operating more than 23 factories in 15 countries, the Rockwool Group employs over 8000 people, and features a global network of sales companies, trade offices, and dedicated commercial partners. Roxul's products are fire resistant, water repellent, non-corrosive and are resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria growth.

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