Continuous Dryer produces particles of uniform size.

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Micron Dryer combines milling, drying, and classifying in high-capacity unit to produce free-flowing powders with uniform moisture content. It also performs solvent retrieval and internal backmixing. Capacities range from 100 to over 4500 lb/hr. Body consists of vertical cylinder with grinding rotor, hot air inlet, and classifier. Applications include pigments, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, cellulose, mineral slurries, wet cakes, and doughy materials.

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Hosokawa Bepex Micron Dryer Produces Particles of Uniform Size, Moisture Content

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Micron Dryer from Hosokawa Bepex combines milling, drying and classifying in a single high-capacity unit to produce free-flowing powders with uniform particle size and moisture content. Typical continuous drying applications include pigments, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, cellulose and a variety of mineral slurries, wet cakes, and doughy materials. The Micron Dryer system is also capable of solvent retrieval from an inert gas stream. Recent design improvements have reduced the machine's overall height and increased gas-solid contact to facilitate handling of slurries and paste feed materials.

"By combining milling, drying and classifying in one unit, the Micron Dryer uses much less floor space and is more efficient than using three separate machines," says Mark Johnson, Product Specialist with Hosokawa Bepex. "The classifier is adjustable to produce a wide range of particle size distributions. It also provides internal backmixing for increased drying efficiency. The Micron Dryer's ability to handle a wide range of feed types makes it more thermally efficient as compared to spray dryers that require a liquid feed."

Five models are available with evaporative capacities from 100 pounds per hour to over 4500 pounds per hour. The dryer body consists of a vertical cylinder with the grinding rotor and hot air inlet at the bottom, and the classifier mounted on top.

The rotor disperses wet feed material into very fine particles that allow instant evaporation in the temperature-controlled hot air stream. Varying the mill speed and/or hammer configuration controls the amount of energy imparted to the product, allowing either size reduction or deagglomeration. The classifier returns partially dried, oversized particles to the mill section. The backmixing action facilitates drying of liquids, sticky and thixotropic materials. Residence times as short as a few seconds prevent product deterioration despite high inlet gas temperatures.

Hosokawa Bepex is a single-source provider of integrated powder and particle processing systems for size reduction, agglomeration, compaction, drying, briquetting, thermal processing, blending and mixing. The company's equipment brands include Bepex, K-G, Rietz, Schugi and Strong-Scott. Hosokawa Bepex is a member of the Hosokawa Micron Group, an international provider of equipment and technology for powder and particle processing, plastics processing and confectionery products. For more information about the Micron Dryer, contact: Hosokawa Bepex, 333 NE Taft Street, Minneapolis, MIN 55413. Phone: 612-331-4370; Fax 612-627-1444. Visit the web site at:

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