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Autonomy Interwoven Multichannel Optimization combines Web content management, contact center, and analytics capabilities to help understand and optimize customer interactions. With it, organizations can automatically listen, analyze, optimize, and act on all forms of customer interactions across multiple channels: social media, Web, contact center, email, and in-store. IDOL platform lets users understand what customers are communicating, regardless of channel being used.

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Autonomy Interwoven Multichannel Optimization Solution


- Autonomy Interwoven Delivers New Solution for Understanding and Optimizing Multichannel Customer Interactions

- Unique Combination of Market-Leading Web Content Management, Contact Center and Advanced Analytics Software Improves Customer Experience

Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced Autonomy Interwoven Multichannel Optimization, the industry's first solution that combines market-leading web content management, contact center and advanced analytics capabilities into a single solution for understanding and optimizing customer interactions. The newest module in Autonomy's Meaning Based Marketing suite, the solution enables organizations to automatically listen, analyze, optimize, and act on all forms of customer interactions across multiple channels including social media, the web, contact center, email, and in-store.

Introducing the Web to the Contact Center - it's Time to Optimize!

One of the most challenging, yet promising opportunities for businesses pursuing a multichannel strategy is the linking of a company's web content management system to its contact center. According to a December 2008 report by Forrester Research titled "How Satisfied Are Shoppers When Moving Across Channels?," US online consumers who have used each channel surveyed gave the lowest satisfaction score (49%) for the transition from the web to phone of all the major cross-channel shopping experiences (1). Until now, siloed point products captured web interactions or recorded customer calls, but failed to understand the content and how customer interactions with one channel related to the other channel.

Autonomy's market leadership in web content management, contact center automation and advanced analytics places it in a unique position to help businesses overcome this challenge by bringing these solutions together on a single platform. The Multichannel Optimization solution combines Autonomy's etalk solutions for the contact center with its TeamSite web content management and Optimost advanced analytics marketing solution on Autonomy's IDOL platform. IDOL allows all of these solutions to now understand what customers are communicating regardless of the channel being used.

The Autonomy Interwoven Multichannel Optimization provides organizations with the following capabilities:

- Active "listening" across all customer interactions - including contact center, website, email, in-store, and social media. Autonomy etalk's Qfiniti platform for the contact center provides the most advanced speech analytics of enterprise voice and chat interactions. Autonomy's IDOL platform provides intelligent connectors to all forms of data - including unstructured - to bring back analysis that can be leveraged across an organization.

- Testing across all formats of customer interactions - including call scripts, web content, email, and video. Autonomy Optimost identifies the most compelling content by testing different combinations of content and messages and then analyzing customers' actions.

- Delivery of a targeted customer experience based on understanding. Autonomy Interwoven's TeamSite web content management solution enables marketers to instantly act on insights to deliver compelling experiences to customers on the web. Likewise, the same insights can be leveraged to deliver the same content across all channels - including the contact center and in-store.

Unleash Testing and Optimization throughout the Customer Interaction Ecosystem

Autonomy's powerful optimization capabilities can be applied to all forms of customer interaction information - both inside and outside an organization - to guarantee that a company is always delivering the most positive customer experience. An organization can leverage Autonomy IDOL's analytics and Optimost's multivariable testing technology across contact center scripts, email, voice recordings, in-store promotions, and on the web in order to identify the most compelling set of content to use for each customer interaction.

For instance, agents in the contact center may detect an emerging customer satisfaction issue amongst its most active customers, and run tests to determine which response is the most effective in resolving the issue. Armed with this insight, the business can then immediately launch a campaign on social media sites and in stores to proactively address the problem.

"Enterprise software companies have been promising a 360 degree view of the customer for years," said Anthony Bettencourt, CEO of Autonomy Interwoven. "However, what these companies lack is the ability to link these systems to one platform, understand the meaning behind each piece of information through analysis and testing, and then immediately act on the insights. Autonomy brings these capabilities together to deliver a new approach for CMOs and heads of eCommerce."

The Autonomy Interwoven Multichannel Optimization solution is available now. Please visit Autonomy Interwoven to learn more.

About Autonomy Interwoven

Autonomy Interwoven, the leader in web content management, leverages its unique meaning-based technology to deliver the most comprehensive suite of marketing optimization and customer interaction solutions. Our flagship products, TeamSite and Optimost, enable marketers to increase results by automatically delivering the right combination of content and offers by understanding the intentions and profile of each customer. This Meaning Based Marketing approach produces the most engaging, timely and profitable customer experiences regardless of whether people interact with your organization by phone, Web, email, chat, or social networks. Unlike legacy approaches that analyze historical trends, Autonomy Interwoven does not require tagging, enabling marketing and IT people to work on higher value activities.

Autonomy Interwoven powers the world's leading corporate websites, media and ecommerce sites with 9 of the top 10 global brands relying on Autonomy Interwoven to maximize their marketing and customer interactions. Autonomy's customer base is comprised of more than 20,000 organizations, including Adidas, Allstate, the American Medical Association, AT&T, Avaya, Bank of America, BT, Channel 4, Delta Air Lines, Discovery Communications, FedEx, Ford, Konica Minolta, Lenovo, McAfee, Qantas Airways, Schneider Electric, Shutterfly, Tesco and Virgin Mobile. Please visit to learn more.

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(1) "How Satisfied Are Shoppers When Moving Across Channels?" by Adele
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