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Much more than just an exhibition, Pharmapack Europe is a platform for all of the different sectors of the healthcare industry around expertise and excellence in terms of packaging innovation.

This year in 2013, Pharmapack Europe invited its participants to reflect deeply on the driving role played by patients in the process of health product innovation. Such reflection is particularly vital considering that the packaging and pharmaceutical delivery systems are the intermediary between patients and their treatment, and therefore substantially contribute to improve compliance and therapeutic effectiveness.

The 2013 edition offered an even richer breeding ground of expertise, bringing together some 290 specialist suppliers, 60% of which are from 27 countries other than the host one. 


Been present for many years at this fair, Constantia Flexibles highlighted among its product portfolio seven latest novelties / evolutions, focusing on environmental concern in the development of its products as well as their convenience in accessing the drug.

Blister Lidding Foil with water-based primer

By replacing the solvent-based primer with the new water-based material Constantia Flexibles is able to reduce the use of organic solvents. Furthermore an enormous amount of tons of CO² emissions can be reduced (Alufoil Trophy 2012 Award).

Paper-free Child-Resistant Blister Lidding Foil

This product meets both Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly requirements (Alufoil Trophy 2012 Award).

Stick Pack Foil with Opening Solutions

Stick Packs feature a lot of significant advantages for the pharmaceutical industry such as the use of less material compared with sachet.

On the other hand a laser perforation or the TOF (Tobepal Opening Feature) ensures an easy opening of the Stick. (Alufoil Trophy 2012 Award)

Scalping Chemical Resistance Barrier Laminate

This laminate which gives a chemical inert barrier for sensitive products is highly chemical resistant and does not gather active ingredients from the product which is packed. So, the content of the active ingredient can be provided unaffectedly for transdermal disposal.

Sachet Foil Frangible / Breathable

This packaging for two reactive components allows for exact dosing when the separating seal is forced to break for immediate use. The patented micro-perforation which can be tailored to the requirements, allows for off-gassing without compromising the integrity of the product inside.

Sachet Foil High Chemical Resistance 2nd Generation

Constantia Flexibles has created a High Chemical Resistant material that provides a cost-efficient alternative to the rigid plastic bottles, considerably reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging.

Sachet Foil Metalo H2H

Tailored barrier Sachet Foils are available that carefully balance performance, cost and environmental impact. Tried and tested on several cosmetic formulas Metalo Hand 2 Hand (H2H).

Exhibiting at such Pharma fair allows Constantia Flexibles to maintain a high visibility and to be considered as a key-supplier of the pharmaceutical industry in France, in Europe and worldwide. It offers as well the opportunity to be more attentive of its customer demands in terms of development and packaging innovation.

See you at Pharmapack 2014 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris (PdV) !

Cora Helberg

Marketing and Innovation Manager

Segment Pharma

T +43 1 888 56 40 1501

Michaela Pichlbauer

Assistance to Marketing and

Innovation Manager Pharma

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