Console Servers provide secure out-of-band networking.

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Equipped with v3.6.0 software that supports Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 security standard, Series LX provides encryption, suppression of unsecure protocols, and audit trail of legitimate and illegitimate attempts to access network equipment. Servers are available in 4, 40, or 48 port models, providing remote power management and integrated infrastructure/security alarming through single management interface.

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MRV Communications Boosts Network Security with Support of FIPS 140-2 in LX Series Console Servers

FIPS 140-2 is Emerging Federal Government and Finance Security Standard; Augments Authentication and Security Capabilities of LX Series Console Server Family

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Sept. 13 / -- MRV Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRVC), a leading provider of network equipment and services, today announced new software for its LX Series console servers that supports the Federal Information Processing Standard ("FIPS") 140-2 security standard along with an upgraded Linux kernel. Together, these additions improve network protection and add compliance with key U.S. information technology ("IT") regulations.

MRV's LX Series products are industry leading console servers that provide secure out-of-band networking, giving network managers a remote means of managing, configuring and upgrading servers and other networking equipment via their serial ports. The LX Series also provides remote power management and integrated infrastructure/security alarming through a single management interface.

FIPS 140-2 is a security standard for IT systems that is mandatory in U.S. and Canadian government applications, and is gaining popularity in security- sensitive enterprise applications including banks, stock brokerages and other financial institutions. FIPS 140-2 is the second of four security levels defined within FIPS and includes both data encryption and a product design that detects evidence of tampering.

With support of the FIPS 140-2 standard, LX Series devices meet a rigorous set of rules set by an unbiased third party, and provide a much higher level of security, including higher encryption levels, suppression of unsecure protocols, and provide an audit trail of legitimate and illegitimate attempts to access network equipment. This security is suitable for compliance with strict government mandates such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA") and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 among others.

The LX Series includes the compact LX 1000S with up to four ports, the rack-mountable LX 4000S, with up to 48 ports, and the NEBS-compliant LX 8000S with up to 40 ports. The new features are in the LX Series system software Version 3.6.0, which is available now. FIPS certification by Atlan Laboratories, a U.S. government-certified testing agency, is underway.

"Improving network access -- especially in a crisis -- is critical for today's network-centric enterprises, which is why there is an increased push to implement secure out-of-band networking capabilities," said Mary Jane Gruninger, general manager of MRV's LX Series product line. "With this new software release, the LX family is continuing its long-held position of being the most secure console server available."

"IT security remains one of the biggest problems for the Federal Government and remote access with authentication are key issues. NIST FIPS 140-2 drives these requirements," said Ed Lewis, Technical Director/Security Engagement Manager, Force 3, Inc. "Supporting the FIPS standard is an acknowledgment of MRV's commitment to meeting the needs of their customers, and demonstrates MRV's position as a leading provider of secure out-of-band networking solutions."

IPv6 Tops List of Additional Features
Other new features in Version 3.6.0 include support for IPv6 networks and expanded support for SNMP v3, which provides for encryption. A new Ethernet redundancy capability allows one port to act as a back up to the primary connection.

Version 3.6.0 is based on the Linux 2.6 kernel, which enables improved security, application and performance enhancements.

The LX Series Version 3.6.0 also has been upgraded to support the Event Horizon fault management capability in MRV's Megavision Pro network management software, which provides enhanced support backup and restore capabilities. Using Megavision Event Horizon, a user can manage alarms generated by either the LX Series Console Servers or by MRV's IR-7104 Alarm Master alarm and control concentrator.

Pricing and Availability
LX Series Version 3.6.0 is shipping today on all LX Series Console Servers. It also supports MRV's 5150 Power Control series and IR-7014 Alarm Master. It is a free upgrade for existing LX Series customers via MRV's website.

About the LX Series Family of Console Servers
The LX Series of console servers are all powered by 32-bit RISC processors, can scale from one to hundreds of ports and feature the functionality and redundancy required to support large, distributed enterprise networks. The devices feature complete console management capabilities, allowing IT staff to remotely manage and configure network devices and servers as well as perform software upgrades. These capabilities are augmented by the ability to monitor contact alarms and to remotely control power for back up servers or other equipment. Advanced security features include FIPS 140-2, per port password protection, RADIUS, Secure Shell v2.0, SecurID, TACACS+, PPP PAP/CHAP, PPP dial-back, on-board database and others.

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