Consider VACUUM POWER to Improve Your Production, Manufacturing, or Warehouse Process

American Crane and Equipment now offers AL-Vac Vaccuum Lifters, Manipulators , Electric Chain Hoists, Cranes (single hand operated, jib, and ceiling mounted bridge) and a variety of Accessories. These products are utilized in many industries to lift objects weighing a few pounds to several tons. Their smooth action not only makes them easy to operate, but also helps to improve production, lead, and delivery time.

In addition, using Vacuum Power can considerably reduce the number of injuries suffered on the job. According to the National Safety Council's Injury Fact Report (2011 Edition) the nation's total of days lost due to injuries on the job in 2009 was 55,000,000 and the wage and productivity loss totaled $82.4 billion. (this figure does not include medical, administrative, damage to vehicles, fire loss and employers' uninsured costs.)

For more information on our AL-VAC products contact Thomas Benfield at or call 1-877-503-2972 Ext. 158.

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