Connectors fit screw type plugs and are weld friendly.

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Sub D Type non-magnetic connectors are offered in 9-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, and 50-pin versions. All have gold-plated stainless steel conductors, and are available as weldable or flanged units. Connectors are rated for temperatures between -269 and 460°C, dc voltages of 500 V per pin, current of 1 A per pin, and pressures up to 1,350 psig. Connectors have vacuum leak ratings of less than 1 x 10-10 atm cc/sec helium.

Original Press Release:

CeramTec North America (former Ceramaseal Div.) Designs New Sub D Type Connector

New Lebanon, NY, August 9,2002 - Ceramaseal NOW has newly designed Sub D Type (MIL-C-24308 Type) connectors. The new Sub D Type connector is available as a 9-pin, 15-pin, 25-pin, and 50-pin connector. All of these standard connectors have gold-plated stainless steel conductors to maximize electrical characteristics. Ceramaseal offers these Sub D Type connectors as weldable units or flanged (ConFlat or ISO Flange) units. The new more rugged design fits industry standard screw type plugs and is much more weld friendly. These standard instrumentation Sub D Type connectors are rated for temperatures between -269 degrees C to 450 degrees C, DC voltages of 500 Volts per pin, current of 1 amp per pin, pressures up to 1,350 psig, and all of the connectors are non-magnetic. These connectors have ultra-high vacuum leak ratings of less than 1 x 10-10 atm cc/sec helium, as do all of Ceramaseal's standard feedthroughs and connectors.

Ceramaseal also offers the air-side and vacuum-side plugs for these multipin connectors. The vacuum-side plugs are manufactured using a polyketone insulating material. Also included in the Ceramaseal product offering is an in-vacuum ribbon cable for making the in-vacuum connection to the Sub D Type connectors. This is a flat polyimide-based cable that is completely flexible and vacuum compatible. The standard ribbon cable can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees C short term (150 degrees C continuous) and current up to 1 amp per pin/line. Ribbon cables with a higher current carrying capacity are available upon request.

To view these NEW Sub D Type connectors you can go to: D Series Connectors.pdf. This will open a PDF file of the Sub D Type connectors from the NEW Ceramaseal catalog. If you have any questions concerning Ceramaseal's NEW Sub D Type connectors or any of Ceramaseal's products, feel free to contact Ceramaseal by email at or phone 1-800-752-7325 or (518)

As always, Ceramaseal's team of engineers can CUSTOM DESIGN a solution for your demanding application. Putting multiple Sub D Type connectors in a flange is very common, as well as adding coaxial lines to the Sub D configuration. If you have a need for a custom assembly, submit a Custom Quote Request on the Ceramaseal web site ( or contact Ceramaseal.

Based in New Lebanon, N.Y., Ceramaseal is a division of CeramTec North America ( Ceramaseal has been in the ceramic-to-metal seal industry for more than 50 years. Ceramaseal is an ISO-9001 certified company that manufactures a wide range of standard and custom ceramic-to-metal and glass-ceramic sealed components. Additional information on Ceramaseal can be found at:

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