Conductive Floor & Wall Paint with low VOC's

Northvale, NJ - Antistatic Industries offers a conductive, acrylic, water-based,
floor and wall paint.

STATICPAINT® is available in all colors and is sold through all Sherwin-Williams retail stores nationwide. Sherwin-Williams vendor # 0030031785.

STATICPAINT® protects against any static build-up on personnel, handling parts and assembling of PC boards. STATICPAINT® helps eliminate dust clinging to walls which can fall on assembled parts. It has no hot spots.

In addition, STATICPAINT® stands up to wear and tear in high traffic areas and can be used indoors and outdoors. UV protective to resist fading from halogen, fluorescent and tungsten light. No primer is needed.

STATICPAINT® is environmentally safe and meets California VOC's standards.
The product carries a full two year warranty. Can be brushed, sprayed or roller coated.

For complete details on STATICPAINT® and related static products, visit the website at . To subscribe to and receive tips and techniques on how to prevent static via electronic newsletter, email

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