Condensate Pump is guaranteed up to 3-5 million cycles.

Press Release Summary:

Engineered for steam system condensate recovery, Pivotrol® Pressure Powered Condensate Pump uses PowerPivot® technology, which replaces pins and linkages with pivots to reduce friction and wear. Unit also incorporates integral electronic cycle counter to monitor pump performance. Self-contained unit is self-regulated by mechanical controls and has damper that uses hydraulic inertia of collected condensate to reduce mechanical shock.

Original Press Release:

New Pivotrol® Condensate Pump Designed For Long Life Cycles

BLYTHEWOOD, SC - Spirax Sarco, Inc., has introduced the Pivotrol® Pressure Powered Condensate Pump. This all-new unit is engineered for dependable steam system condensate recovery in rapid-cycling process environments and under all pressure and temperature conditions. The Pivotrol® pump is designed as a solution to excessive maintenance and energy consumption, heat exchanger stall, waterhammer and erratic steam system performance.

The first in a series of products featuring reliable PowerPivot® technology, the Pivotrol® pump is backed by a three million cycles or three year warranty, with a lifetime spring warranty. A five million cycles or five year extended warranty is available as an option. Spirax Sarco has incorporated an integral electronic cycle counter to monitor the pump's performance and confirm warranty coverage.

Featuring reliable PowerPivot® technology, the new mechanism replaces pins and linkages with pivots, which reduce friction and wear, lengthening service life. A special damper uses the hydraulic inertia of the collected condensate to reduce mechanical shock as the valve actuators shift. The Pivotrol® internal mechanism is retrofittable to existing Spirax Sarco PPC pumps.

The unit is self-contained and self regulated by mechanical controls. Unlike electrically powered condensate pumps, there are no dynamic seals, glands or packings to fail under elevated temperature and pressure. The Pivotrol pump is compatible with sanitary/hygienic processing.

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