Computer Workstations feature PCI-E graphics.

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IntelliStation Pro Series workstations, available with 32- and 64-bit processors in single or dual configurations, come in desktop or mini-tower designs with up to 16 Gb of memory and 3D graphics. For technical simulations, 64-bit UNIX-based IntelliStation POWER(TM) systems feature 1-2 way SMP and enterprise-level reliability and availability using AIX 5L(TM). IntelliStation T221 flat panel monitor series features 9.2+ million pixels in 22.2 in. TFT LCD screen.

Original Press Release:

xSeries Renews IntelliStation Pro Workstations with PCI-E Graphics

IntelliStation overview

IntelliStation Pro Series

Advanced workstations designed for peak performance and productivity

For technical users running Microsoft® Windows® or Linux®, IntelliStation Pro workstations fast-track your workflow with leading-edge 32- and 64-bit processors in single or dual configurations. Choose from compact desktop or flexible mini-tower designs packed with up to 16GB of memory, fast storage subsystems, and optimized 3D graphics that set the pace in visual computing.

IntelliStation POWER Series

IBM POWER-based workstations for demanding technical simulations

For designers of large, complex 3D models-from aircraft to autos to locomotives-IBM offers 64-bit UNIX-based IntelliStation POWER(TM) systems. They feature 1-2 way SMP, exceptional floating-point performance, powerful graphics accelerators, and enterprise-level reliability and availability using industry-leading AIX 5L(TM).

IntelliStation T221 Flat Panel Monitor Series

Exceptional clarity and detail for high-end immersive visualization

Packing over 9.2 million pixels into a cinematic 22.2" TFT LCD screen, the IntelliStation T221 monitor earns its place in a wide range of demanding settings. It's ideal for any industry where image definition is crucial, including medical, digital content creation, engineering, oil exploration, GIS and other technical fields.

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