Computer suits communications/control applications.

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Enduro Outdoor can be used as control computer with SoftPLC CoDeSys and WINtrak fieldbus terminals or as communication computer installed in vehicles for remote diagnosis via GPRS or WLAN as well as wireless transfer of commands and data. Its 1 GHz AMD Geode NX 1500@6W processor draws 9 W of power and makes computer suited for fanless operation. Equipped with PLC, shock-resistant, IP67 waterproof computer offers dual Ethernet, dual CAN, PC/104, and USB interfaces.

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Enduro Outdoor Reloaded

Shock and vibration resistance as well as a waterproof enclosure make the Enduro Outdoor appropriate for all-season, outdoor use. In addition, the SMA Enduro Outdoor now features a more powerful processor making it suitable for communication and control tasks. The currently running Enduro Outdoor advertisement recently won the Markt&Technik reader prize in the category "most interesting product". The Markt&Technik is Germany's leading weekly electronics magazine.

North American Sales Contact:

George Renth
Vice President, Sales and Operations

SMA Computers
9550 Warner Ave., #250
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone +1 714.593.2338
Fax +1 714.593.2368
[email protected]

European Sales Contact:

Wolfgang K. Weber
Manager, Sales and Marketing
Communication & Control

SMA Technologie AG
Hannoversche Str. 1 - 5
34266 Niestetal

Phone +49 561 9522 - 112
Fax +49 561 9522 - 103
[email protected]

Industrial features + Communication + Control = Enduro Outdoor

Niestetal, February 8, 2006 - Shock resistant, waterproof and more communications features than ever: Now, the standard Enduro Outdoor provides even more functions and offers higher performance options.

The AMD Geode NX 1500@6W processor is the heart of the computer. Thanks to a computing power of 1 GHz and a power loss of only 9W, this processor also makes the Enduro Outdoor suitable for fanless operation.

The Enduro Outdoor equipped with this new powerful processor and proven interface options opens up new fields of application. Used as a communication computer, the Enduro Outdoor can be installed in a vehicle, e.g. for remote diagnosis via GPRS or WLAN as well as wireless transfer of commands and data. Combined with the SoftPLC CoDeSys and WINtrak fieldbus terminals, it functions as a control computer and can be used not only in mobile applications, but in many others that require similar specifications.

The Enduro Outdoor offers shock resistance, a waterproof enclosure plus the performance and interfaces for communication and control, all in one. In addition to this new, more powerful standard version, custom solutions are also available.

Features include:
o Rugged compact PLC
o Waterproof enclosure (IP 67)
o Certified according to EN 50155
o -25 °C to +70 °C and up to +85 °C for ten minutes, fanless
o Dual Ethernet, Dual CAN, USB
o Certified for CoDeSys
o AMD Geode NX 1500@6W
o PC/104 interface (e.g. for additional fieldbusses)

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