Composite Cement is lightweight and flexible.

Press Release Summary:

Xtreme Lightweight Series is blend of cement with lightweight aggregates and reinforcing fibers. Fireproof, termite-proof, and mold-resistant, it can be cut, trimmed, nailed, molded, and formed into any shape. Product also allows any finish or any texture of wood or stone to be simulated; it attaches to gypsum, wall board, and concrete block, wood, and metal and can be stained, painted, or colorized throughout mix.

Original Press Release:

Xtreme Lightweight Series by SureCrete: Specialty Concrete Engineered to Bend, Not Break

SureCrete Design now offers their strongest and most lightweight building material to date. The Xtreme Lightweight Series is a cementious composite that combines the benefits of concrete and wood with advanced engineering technology. The result is the strongest, most flexible and most versatile product available.

Xtreme Lightweight ushers in the New Age of Stone. Blending cement with lightweight aggregates and reinforcing fibers, SureCrete Design has developed one of the greatest innovations in concrete manufacturing. This micromechanically designed composite is fireproof, termite-proof and mold-resistant, and it can be cut, trimmed, nailed, molded and formed into virtually any shape, allowing unlimited design potential.

The versatility of Xtreme Lightweight is unparalleled. Any finish any texture of wood or stone can be simulated and the material can attach to gypsum, wall board, and concrete block, wood and metal. Xtreme Lightweight can even be stained, painted or integrally colorized throughout the mix.

The advantages of Xtreme Lightweight to both architects and precasters are numerous. Now architects can design with less support considerations due to the reduced weight advantage. Size and strength requirements of concrete footings and steel infrastructure are reduced. Plus the reduced weight permits cantilevering at greater distances.

For precasters, the bottom-line benefits speak for themselves. Thinner yet stronger products can now be produced, achieving a higher yield. Xtreme Lightweight can be installed by carpenters instead of masons. Easier and faster to install than wood or concrete, product savings are immediately realized in terms of shortened project times and lower financing costs.

SureCrete is a company long recognized for their relentless research, development and testing of advanced building materials. The new Xtreme Lightweight Series cementious composite brings concrete into the 21st century.

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