Composiflex Advances Composite Medical Device Technology: Expands Capabilities to Produce MRI-Compatible Patient Positioning Systems

As a longstanding manufacturer of composite medical devices, Composiflex is responding to rising market demand for patient positioning systems that are compatible with MRI-based diagnostic procedures. Traditionally, patient positioning composite products, such as table overlays, oncology breast boards, and head and neck boards, have been operable only with CT scan, X-ray systems, and oncology treatment systems.

ERIE, Pa. (November 26, 2007) - Composiflex, a global supplier of highly-engineered composite products, has expanded its manufacturing and design capabilities to produce cutting-edge, patient positioning systems that are well suited for use with MRI diagnostic technology. The vast majority of composite patient positioning products in the market today are manufactured using carbon fiber, which is primarily applicable for use with CT scan and X-ray technologies, but not with MRI equipment.

"Through our material science expertise and advanced design capabilities, Composiflex is focusing on providing medical product solutions that are suitable for magnetic resonance systems by altering the material make-up and design of current products, or creating new ones. Additionally, we are developing multi-mode medical products that healthcare providers can successfully use with a range of technologies including MRI, CT scan, PET and X-ray platforms," said Marty Matthews, Composiflex Sales and Marketing Executive.

For an existing customer, Composiflex modified the design of a carbon-fiber-based head and neck board. With product development and testing now complete, the MRI-compatible boards have attracted tremendous interest during recent trade show debuts.

Potential composite medical device solutions for magnetic resonance and multi-mode compatibility include tabletops/couches/pallets, extensions, oncology breast boards, head-and-neck immobility products, and other accessories.

About Composiflex:

Designing and manufacturing advanced, high-performance composites for more than 20 years, Composiflex's strong suits are a knowledgeable engineering staff, "art-to-part" projects, cost-effective rapid prototyping of parts, a range of modern manufacturing technologies, and material selection expertise, all of which contribute to the company's reputation for producing composites yielding consistent quality and reliability.

Specializing in custom-designed composite products, Composiflex serves the medical product, industrial equipment, ballistics, armor/security, aerospace, military and recreational equipment markets. Some of the company's current product applications include:

oCarbon fiber and other advanced composite radiographic medical imaging tops and cradles, as well as radiolucent patient positioning and retracting devices.

oOncology breast boards .Rigid and flexible orthopedic and orthotic devices.

oLightweight ballistic plates, shields and personal armor.

oArmor panels for both aircraft and vehicles.

oAerospace components.

oFatigue-tested, e-glass/epoxy, carbon/epoxy and temperature resistant springs for industrial applications and vibrator/conveyer systems.

oIndustrial automation components.

oRobot arms.

oRecreational helmets.

Certified to ISO 9001:2000, Composiflex conducts operations in a 34,000-square-foot facility based in Erie, Pa.

For more information, contact

8100 Hawthorne Drive
Erie, Pa., 16509
Phone: (814) 866-8616.


Marty Matthews
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Sandra McVeigh
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