Compass Technologies Unveils New 2.1 Software for 6e Access Control System

Compass Technologies, Exton PA, has just released version 2.1 software for its 6e access control system. This new 2.1 version software has a comprehensive list of new customer driven features. Compass 6e software now allows selective and time controlled transmission of alarm information via email and text messages to cell phones (see illustration).

The Compass 6e version 2.1 software also offers a wide range of communication encryption options including, Triple DES, AES 128 and 256, and RC 2.

Detailed audit operator logging allows system administrators to review every action taken by each system operator including any changes made to the database. A "compare" utility allows the administrator to review both the old and new data.

The Compass 6e has been widely accepted in a wide range of facilities since its introduction in 2005. It is designed to control and integrate multiple disciplines of electronic security, environmental and operational systems. Its modular multi-server design effectively meets the requirements of projects from small to enterprise level. 6e also provides a platform for the entire spectrum of Alarm Monitoring with the ability to report and display events in near real time, coupled with detailed information about every event and clear concise instructions to the operator. 6e combines 2.1 software, MSSQL database, the latest information architecture; compact, fully intelligent door controllers, flexible wiring topology and a host of customer focused features providing a feature rich, scalable solution.

The system presents information using graphic menus, real-time displays and dynamic interactive screens. Through the use of intuitive point and click commands, hierarchical tree views and color-coded information, operators can quickly identify critical conditions and perform required operations. Administration of cards is simple and quick using context sensitive drop-down fields and pre-populated templates.

For additional information contact Compass at 1-800-898-7798; email:; Web:

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