Compactor dumps, perforates, dewaters, crushes, and bales.

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Used for processing full plastic or aluminum liquid containers, X3Cycler features stainless steel construction and can process up to 30 yd³ or 1,200 lb/hr of plastic or aluminum containers with volume reductions of up to 95%. Dual 8 in. bore hydraulic cylinders develop up to 250,000 lb of force. Designed to accept Gaylords or plastic totes of containers of up to 2.0 yd³, cart tipper cycles in less than 1 min. Complete system – cart tipper, perforator, and baler – cycles in ~2 min.

Original Press Release:

The X³Cycler From Bright Technologies Crushes the Competition

Compact and Integrated System Dumps, Perforates, Dewaters, Compresses, and Bales in Minutes

Hopkins, Michigan -- Bright Technologies, a division of Sebright Products, Inc. and a leader in the design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of waste compaction equipment, announces the release of the X3Cycler, the ultimate solution for processing large volumes of full plastic or aluminum liquid containers.

The X3Cycler dumps, perforates, dewaters, crushes, and bales all in one compact and integrated system. Large 35-cubic-foot bales, high throughput and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction set this machine above everything else on the market.

The X3Cycler’s cart tipper is designed to accept Gaylords or plastic totes of containers of up to 2.0 cubic yards. The tipper cycles in under a minute, including an automatic cart rinse cycle while inverted in the hopper. The complete system of Cart Tipper, Perforator, and Baler cycles in about two minutes. It can process up to 30 cubic yards or 1200 pounds per hour of plastic or aluminum containers with volume reductions of up to 95 percent.

With two eight-inch-bore hydraulic cylinders, the X3Cycler develops up to 250,000 pounds of force to drive out liquids and ensure optimum bale density. And it contains and channels the liquids, eliminating runs and drips.

Here are some of the other features of the X3Cycler:

• stainless steel construction

• dual hydraulic motor direct-drive perforator

• rugged 3/8-inch stainless steel perforator teeth

• perforator bearing isolators for increased bearing life

• perforator removable polycarbonate viewing windows

• 230-gallon stainless steel liquid collection pan

• UL-listed NEMA 4X PLC control panel

• category 3 safety interlocks

• Allen Bradley electrical controls

• space-saving design: the tipper loads and the bale ejects in the same area

• vertical lift bale chamber door

• sliding category 3 bale chamber splash guards

• deck-mounted hydraulic unit

• category 3 rope pull tipper and door perimeter e-stop

• redundant main motor contactors

• deadman-type bale eject control

• bale door dead bolt (up position)

• pressure-compensated hydraulic pump

• oil cooler (with over-temperature fault)

• independent tipper vane pump

• sealed stainless steel hydraulic reservoir

• dirty oil filter sensor and fault

• oil spill pan with drain

• spray shields to keep liquids off floor

"The X3Cycler does it all," commented Gary Brinkman, Director of Multinational Sales at Sebright Products, Inc. "It is simply the most full-featured and integrated product of its kind."

For more details and specifications on the X3Cycler and Sebright's other products, please visit or call 800-253-0532.

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Sebright Products was founded in 1978 as a solid waste equipment installation and service company. It became a waste equipment manufacturer in 1982 and continued to focus on factory installation and service, also specializing in heavy-duty industrial and custom turnkey equipment solutions. Bright Technologies and Sebright Products offer a complete line of solid and wet waste handling equipment including stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, precrushers, hydraulic dumpers, densifiers, construction compactors, high-density extruders, belt filter presses, skid systems, and mobile and in-plant systems. Sebright Products has sold more than 10,500 systems in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.


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