Compact, Low Cost Magnetic Encoders from POSITAL Have What It Takes for Elevator Applications

Hamilton, New Jersey - POSITAL's versatile Magnetocode (MCD) series encoders - used in a wide variety of motion control applications - are also a great fit for elevator control systems. Rugged, reliable and very cost-effective, these absolute rotary encoders are available in single or multi-turn versions and can be ordered with a CAN-open-certified digital interface that supports the CiA 417 lift application profile. (CiA 417, an extension to the CANopen standard, addresses interoperability of components in elevator control systems.) MCD encoders with DeviceNet interfaces will be available later in 2010.

POSITAL MCD encoders feature ball-bearing mounted shafts for ruggedness and a highly accurate non-contact position measurement technology that ensures reliability, availability and long service life. Many internal parameters can be programmed via the digital interface, including operating mode, data transmission rates, zero offset, direction of rotation and number of steps per turn (up to 4096). MCD encoders also feature a unique internal system that keeps track of absolute position readings, even after power interruptions. With an outside diameter of only 34.5 mm, MCD encoders fit easily into tight spaces.


POSITAL is a business unit of FRABA Inc., the North American sister company of FRABA GmbH, a highly specialized manufacturer of sensors for automation, motion control and safety applications based in Cologne, Germany. The company belongs to the FRABA Group which dates back to 1918, when its predecessor, Franz Baumgartner elektrische Apparate GmbH, was established to manufacture relays. Today, the group consists of six independent companies that develop and produce advanced industrial sensor technology and safety equipment.

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