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Compact DC Panel Drive is available with up to 300 hp.

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Compact DC Panel Drive is available with up to 300 hp.

Mar 14, 2011 - Model DCS800-EP Panel Drive, C frame model includes 200, 250, and 300 hp versions at 460 Vac, as well as 100, 125, and 150 hp units at 230 Vac. Product features DCS800 drive module, mounted on multi-level subpanel, along with AC contactor, fuses, and control transformer. Meeting UL 508A, with 65 kA short-circuit current rating, it also has heavy-duty overload rating that allows 150% overload for 60 sec. Main circuit breaker and blower motor contactor are offered as options.

Original Press Release

DCS800-EP Panel Drive from ABB Expands to 300 hp

Press release date: Mar 07, 2011

New DCS800-EP provides industry with a compact package that greatly simplifies design and installation - Now up to 300 hp

New Berlin, Wisconsin - The DCS800-EP Panel Drive, a pre-engineered DC solution, now is sized and available up to 300 hp with the introduction of the "C" frame model. This new frame-size adds 200-, 250-, and 300-hp solutions to the product line, at 460Vac, as well as 100-, 125- and 150-hp solutions, at 230Vac.

The DCS800-EP includes the field-proven DCS800 drive module - mounted on a multi-level subpanel, along with standard and optional components, such as AC contactor, fuses, and a control transformer.

"We are very pleased to double the size of our offering, so this drive can be utilized for a larger variety of applications," said Thomas Junger, the DCS800 Product Manager. "This is going to be a big help to those who need a panel drive retrofit, or just are looking for a high-performance unit that they can install in a hurry." Future expansion will bring the power range up to 600 hp, he said.

Replacement for FlexPak 3000
The panel drive meets UL 508A, with a 65 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR). It was engineered to be a virtual drop-in replacement for the Reliance Electric(TM) FlexPak 3000, commonly used in the steel- and pipe-mill industries, and also for extruders and many other applications. Since ABB's acquisition of Baldor Electric, which sold the FlexPak 3000 for many years, the DCS800-EP is expected to be even more accepted, universally, as the FlexPak 3000 replacement (which continues to be in the "legacy" phase of its life cycle).

  • 10 to 300 hp at 460Vac/500Vdc; 5 to 150 hp at 230Vac/240Vdc;
  • Space-efficient multilevel panel
  • Easy tool access to internal components
  • Pre-wired, pre-tested solution for smooth start-ups
  • Greatly simplifies the procurement process
  • Module can be replaced, without replacing the entire panel
  • Integral ABB AC contactor
  • UL Listed with 65 kA SCCR

    Suitable for Heavy-Duty Applications
    All DCS800-EP drives carry a heavy-duty overload rating, allowing 150 percent overload for 60 seconds.

    Wide range of options
    The panel drive offers a wide range of options. It can be ordered with or without a main circuit breaker and blower motor contactor and overload. It also offers an integral line reactor right inside the package, when one is required, up to 150 hp, 460V. And the drive can be ordered without the AC contactor for those occasions when an existing DC contactor can be reused. ABB components have been used whenever possible, and the panels are built right here in the USA.