Communication Cards support RS-485 and RS-422 protocols.

Press Release Summary:

Models LPCI-COM485/8 and LPCI-COM422/8 eight-port Low Profile Universal Serial Communications Cards combine high-density and high-speed communications. Cards meet MD2 Low Profile PCI Bus Specification and are for thin-client servers and high-density rack-mount servers. Features include support of RS-485 and RS-422 protocols, Type 16550 UARTs compatibility, baud rates to 460.8 Kbps, connector for 3.3 or 5 V systems, and PCI-X Bus compatibility.

Original Press Release:

ACCES I/O Products Introduces the Industry's First Low Profile Universal 8-Port RS-485 and RS-422 Serial Communication Cards

SAN DIEGO, Calif.-March 27, 2003-ACCES I/O Products, Inc., a leader in cost-effective and easy-to-use serial communication and data acquisition products, introduces its Models LPCI-COM485/8 and LPCI-COM422/8 eight-port Low Profile Universal Serial Communications Cards. These cards offer the best combination of high-density and high-speed communications in a low profile form factor. The cards meet the MD2 Low Profile PCI Bus Specification and can be used in applications where space is at a premium, such as thin-client servers and high-density rack-mount servers. The LPCI line has been designed for use in retail, hospitality and point-of-sale system applications and expanding the company's reach into the gaming and defense industries.

Key features include:
·Eight-Port Serial Communication Cards in Low Profile Form Factor
·Supports RS-485 and RS-422 protocols
·Includes Type 16550 UARTs or with optional 16850 UART compatibility
·Baud rates up to 460.8 K bps
·Universal PCI Connector for 3.3V or 5V Systems
·PCI-X Bus Compatible
·Breakout Cable Provides DB9 Connectors for each Port, No External Breakout Box Required

The LPCI eight-port cards are asynchronous serial communication cards designed for use on the PCI and PCI-X bus and are ideal for use in any Windows Operating System. Supporting RS-485 and RS-422 communications, the cards are 6.6 inches in length and 2.21 inches seated height and may be installed in any 3.3 or 5-volt PCI or PCI-X slot. Normally these units are supplied with an eight-connector breakout cable with DB9 connectors, but are available without cables to OEM's that fabricate their own cable harnesses (model numbers LPCI-COM485/8S1 and LPCI-COM422/8S1).

Type 16C550 UARTS are used as the asynchronous communication elements. These include a 16-byte transmit/receive FIFO buffer to protect against lost data in multitasking systems while maintaining 100% compatibility with the original IBM serial port. ACCES also offers 16850 UART functionality as an option to lower the CPU loading and allow for error-free data communications even at high simultaneous data rates.

ACCES I/O Products, a leading manufacturer of PCI, PC/104 and ISA Bus analog and digital/relay I/O cards, serial communication products, and remote/wireless data acquisition products and accessories, has broadened its offering by adding a Low-Profile PCI-Bus product line. ACCES offers the industry's most complete selection of PCI bus serial communications cards which include single, dual, quad and eight port cards in both isolated and non-isolated interfaces. All cards from ACCES I/O Products come with a 30-day, no-risk return policy and a three-year warranty. For further information, visit the company's web site at

Price:$475 including breakout cable, $425 without breakout cable; includes software and manual. OEM & volume pricing is available.
Delivery:Stock to two weeks ARO

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