Commercial HPLC System combines efficiency, resolution, speed.

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Capable of UHPLC and conventional HPLC, X-LC series operates at pressures approaching 15,000 psi and is configured for complete control of both gradient and isocratic separations. Researchers can take advantage of small particle size packed columns, and modular design allows customization to unique requirements concerning low system volumes, gradient performance, and detectors. Components are fully controlled by EZ Chrom Elite or other MS software packages.

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Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

JASCO's X-LC provides researchers with a powerful tool to take advantage of newly available small particle size packed columns providing efficiency, resolution, and speed that was previously not possible in a commercial HPLC. All of this while retaining the ability to run traditional HPLC methods. The X-LC series of components is designed to operate at pressures approaching 15,000 psi for either gradient or isocratic separations.

Capable of UHPLC and conventional HPLC

The X-LC provides chromatographers with a system capable of reducing analysis times up to 10 × as compared to conventional HPLC.

The X-LC provides chromatographers with a system capable of reducing analysis times up to 10× as compared to conventional HPLC.

The modular nature of the individual X-LC components allows each chromatography system to be customized to fit the requirements of even the most demanding applications.
  • Extremely low system volumes
  • Reliable gradient performance
  • Wide range of detectors

    In the case of the separation of mixtures that contain compounds with a wide range of polarities, isocratic conditions may not provide an acceptable separation. To solve this problem, the composition of the mobile phase is changed during the separation. After sample introduction, the ratio of these solvents is programmed to vary either continuously or in steps, resulting in enhanced separation efficiency. JASCO's X-LC is easily configured for complete control of both isocratic and gradient methods.

    The X-LC provides a powerful and flexible platform for UHPLC front-end separations. Configuration options include binary high-pressure gradient and ternary high-pressure gradient formats. Combine this system with standard or high throughput autosampler options, automated column selection valves and a wide variety of optical detectors and X-LC meets the demands of a variety of analytical requirements. X-LC can also be controlled directly by a variety of MS software packages eliminating the need to run multiple software platforms, providing a powerful solution for UHPLC/MS users everywhere.

    Software Control using EZChrom Elite(TM)
    The industry standard for client and server chromatography data systems
    The X-LC system components are fully controlled by EZ Chrom Elite software. This powerful and flexible data system provides full instrument control for every X-LC configuration. EZ Chrom Elite supports operation in either stand-alone or networked data station configurations. Data collected by EZ Chrom Elite can be analyzed and reported using a wide array of analysis and reporting functions including batch reprocessing and summary reporting. Overlay runs, perform system suitability calculations and output data with a variety of report templates using the intuitive graphical interface. GLP/GMP features in EZ Chrom Elite ensure that X-LC results are securely controlled with a full-featured Audit Trail to track all changes. Multiple user access-level assignment and the Electronic Signature feature provide full compliance with 21 CFR 11 requirements.

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