Command Switchgear uses 863.3 MHz frequency band.

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Requiring neither external energy supply nor cable for signal transmission, Series BF 94 can be fixed directly to any surface or machine, irrespective of cable ducts and power sources. Energy needed by device is generated via electrodynamic energy generator according to energy harvesting principle. Multi-network-compatible and programmable via receiver, switchgear offers maximum transmission ranges of 300 m in open areas and 30 m inside buildings.

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Energy Harvesting Makes Assembly and Installation Even More Flexible

New Command Switchgear Series using Radio Technology

Leaving out cables means added flexibility. Mechanical and process plant engineers can now see the practical advantages for themselves with the new command devices in series BF 94 currently being presented by steute.

These command devices require neither an external energy supply nor a cable for signal transmission. They can thus be fixed easily and directly to any surface or machine - irrespective of cable ducts and power sources. Should a modification of the machine be necessary, this can also be realised fast and easily.

An innovative radio technology already employed in other steute switchgear series makes all this possible. The radio module used needs only a small amount of energy and uses the 863.3 MHz frequency band for transmission.

The energy needed by the command device to send the signal is generated via an electrodynamic energy generator according to the »energy harvesting « principle. When the operator actuates the command device, the kinetic movement of the plunger is converted into electrical energy. Since the radio signal is sent at the same moment as the plunger is pushed, energy storage becomes superfluous - an innovative and elegant solution.

The maximum transmission range for the signal is 300 metres in the open and 30 metres inside buildings. A repeater can be used if greater transmission distances are desired. The devices are multi-network-compatible and are easy to programme via the receivers. The BF 94 series is available in different designs, with one enclosure able to house up to three command devices.

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