Combination Machine unites laser cutting and punching.

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Combining 2,000 W diffusion-cooled TCF 1 laser and hydraulic punching head, Model TC 3000 L can laser cut interior and exterior contours as well as perform high-speed punching and forming tasks. Formed areas, threads, extrusions, engraving, and 90° bends can be created during punching process. To minimize scratching, brush tables prevent contact between sheet metal and dies, while contact-free process control ensures constant distance between cutting nozzle and workpiece.

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New TC 3000 L Combination Machine Unites Laser Cutting and Punching in Compact Package

FARMINGTON, Conn., August 4, 2005 -At FABTECH 2005, TRUMPF will introduce a compact new combination machine, the TC 3000 L, which unites the advantages of laser cutting and punching. The TC 3000 L combines a diffusion-cooled TCF 1 laser and TRUMPF hydraulic punching head technology.

"Fabricating complex interior and exterior contours quickly and with high quality is only possible with a laser. And forming, beading, offsetting, bending or tapping are among the core strengths of TRUMPF punching technology," says Mike Morissette, TRUMPF Inc. product manager for punching and bending. "The TC 3000 L combines the advantages of both processes into one machine."

Notable for its flexibility, the TC 3000 L performs a wide variety of punching, forming and laser cutting operations. The new combination machine can laser cut interior and exterior contours with high-level quality and reduced tooling, and the punching head performs various high-speed punching and forming tasks.

"This machine is of particular interest to fabricators looking to expand the type of parts they produce and gain competitive access to the world of combination technology," says Morissette. "The ability to perform so many operations on one machine also saves production costs."

The TC 3000 L reduces secondary operations and saves the related time and handling costs. Formed areas, threads, extrusions, engraving and even 90-degree bends can be created during the machine's punching process. Using roller tools produces fast, high quality beading and offsetting. The machine also laser cuts parts with a high degree of accuracy and precision. A well-designed beam-protection sheath makes it possible to cut as closely as possible along shapes up to a height of one inch.

Engineers paid particular attention to ensure scratch-free processing. The TC 3000 L's standard brush tables prevent contact between the sheet metal and die and reduce scratches. In addition, the contact-free automatic process control ensures a constant distance between the cutting nozzle and the work piece.

Another highlight of the machine is its efficient design. A compact size for combination machinery, the TC 3000 L does not take up much more space than a punching machine. The machine's laser source, a TRUMPF TCF 1, also offers an extremely rigid and compact design with very high beam quality and low cost of operation. The 2,000-watt laser fits compactly on the machine frame. The small, diffusion-cooled TCF 1 consumes very little gas and one premixed gas bottle usually lasts for at least a year.

The TC 3000 L features an easy-to-use, yet technologically-advanced touch-screen user interface. The user friendliness of the new punch-laser combination machine is visible in other details as well. For example the hood covering the punch and laser head is easily opened and closed via a push button, which makes it simple to change the laser cutting head.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. More information is available at:
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